Once upon a time… Ok let's stop with the silly fairy-telling intro and get goin…so… (Take2!)

Our story amazingly begins with the author of Friendship 1 "Destiny Calls In a Search for a Brother…" sitting on her favorite chair (custom designed upholster chair), writing a new story which she has just started 2 days ago…The author is introduced as Clair, and today I believe she has an unexpected visitor…

Clair: …nah…(puts away the Age of Chaos notebook…) ho… (sighs…)

"DING-DONG" goes the doorbell…

Clair: hmm? (looks up)

Suddenly the door opens…

???: Hello Clair! (!) (closes the door as he enters)

Chair: What are you doing here?

???: Nothing just visiting my favorite author

Clair: o…

???: So how's the puzzle?

Clair: Jitiro, I told you I'm not selling it to you or to anyone else.

Jitiro: ho… Aw come on Clair

Clair: No…now, let me get back on my story.

Jitiro: Fine…So what are ya writing? (goes to the desk where the Age of Chaos Notebook is placed)

Clair: (gets the puzzle from the shelf & fiddles with it.) ho…I am thinking of adding a new character.

Jitiro: Another character ey…(standing beside Clair)

Suddenly the puzzle turns all black (revealing hidden a picture) then back but with a different puzzle…

Clair: What the… (There was a figure of a rose…)

Jitiro: You solved it

Clair: hmm? (looks up at Jitiro)

Jitiro: What was on your mind?

Clair: A black rose, darkness & my next story?

Jitiro: Then I believe a black rose, full of darkness, has just come to life in your new story…

Clair: ho… (fiddles with the puzzle again as if ignoring Jitiro's explanation)

She solved it again!

Clair: huh?! (the hidden pic was a rose again…)

But this time it wasn't the same, the puzzle turned all reddish pink, then bloody red, then black, then back with another puzzle…

Clair: Myra…

Jitiro: Now that was something…

Clair: It's nothing, ok nothing…

Jitiro: Ok, if you say so, I'll get us some coffee ok. (leaves…)

After some time…

Jitiro: I'm back, here ya go (gives Clair a cup of coffee, settles the tray on the table and sits himself on a chair slightly opposite of Clair's) (he also takes his cup)

Clair: Thank you…(drinks and quickly pours another cup…)

Jitiro: (chuckles) I've always liked it when you're like that heh… (takes a sip from his cup)

Clair: (...?...)

Jitiro: You've always loved coffee and it's kind of amusing to watch you drink so much in such little time… (chuckles)


Jitiro: Obsession can indeed do a lot of things…

Clair: ho… (kind of annoyed with Jitiro because of his sudden visit and all, fiddles once again with the puzzle)

She solved it once again after 10mins. of talking with Jitiro…

Jitiro: you're getting good at that

The charm became bloody fiery red then back to its original self with another new puzzle

Clair: Kurei…

Jitiro: Clair?

Clair: huh?... Oh it's nothing…

Jitiro: you saw something didn't you, you saw something.

Clair: Jitiro please

Jitiro: Oh alright…, well then, see you tonight! (stands up from his couch, goes near Clair and kisses her on the forehead…) ya know I'm kind of getting to like ya and your company…(walks off and stops just before he opened the door) Maybe (looks back) I should visit more often… (leaves and closes the door…) Clair…

Clair: …ho… (comes up towards the door and opens it)

Jitiro: Yes? (looks back)

Clair: Let's skip the party….

Jitiro: huh?