A Queen's Tale
by: trista groulx

Once upon a time I knew I was a queen
Only the truest version of me was seen
Then along came a black knight
And I didn't even give up a fight
As he dragged me from all I knew
And I beleived that our love, it flew
With my wings left upon ground
My heart always felt as it were bound
But never I felt that I was broken
For the knight had given me a token
Which I saw as a symbol of our love
The golden chain even bore a dove
As the darkest clouds descended
I never saw the demon I'd befriended
For I was stricken by an affliction
Which caused a strange kind of addiction
That caused me to loose the values I cherished
And forced me to develop some ideas I relished
Hidden deep in my sickness
I found the darkest of darkness
For so long I allowed in no light
And put up very little fight
Until the day I thought I'd die
If I only allowed myself to cry
Somehow I found my strength
After I journeyed a long length
But one again I knew
And once again I flew
For now I am free
Happily ever after I'll be