Eleser I: Swords Of Elements




Eleser stands for Element User.The characters are Rokuro, Naomi, Nazu, Kitaro, Kiaru, Ayame, and more. In this story, it is about 3 people and more, who find out that they can actually use elemental powers. They use their elements sometimes with their sword. As they go through their adventure, they make good friends and discovers a lot of secrets. The whole point of the story are to get the map pieces from fighting monsters in another world so they could get to their enemy and save the innocent, making friends, going to school or skipping.., master all the skills, and more. Also, this story includes relationships, revenge, action, fighting, love and romance, going to school, and all that you know. Anyways its interesting for me, but maybe not for you. PLEASE R&R

The Characters:
I am not going to descibe the characters when I type my stories so I'll put them here so you could know more about them.

Rokuro - Funny and annoying boy.HE'S A SHORTIE. He's 14 and currently going to high school. Crazy! He loves sport and all that. Sometimes he is really dumb. LOL! He has short black hair. Acts cute around girls. HAHA. He uses the element of fire.

Ayame - Joyful girl. Funny.Very Short. AKA Ms. Midget. Annoying too i guess. She has black hair and red streaks. She worked for Drak before. Loves monkeys. Haha shes cute! VERY DANGEROUS WHEN SHES HYPER... can kill you from her hyperness.. Uses magic elements.

Naomi - 14 year old girl. Kind of hates guys. She has long black hair and shes a total smart ass! She has strong feelings and is very emotional. She is nice. She loves to draw and read. Uses love elements.

Nazu - 15 year old boy. Short and black haired creep. Hes quiet and does'nt like to share his ideas but hes very caring and careful about things. Sometimes he has bad tempur. You could say he's shy! Hes smart and really good at sports though. You could say hes popular at school xD Uses Air elements.

Kitaro - Gangsta? 16 year old, older then the other characters. Well he is nice though but he gets pissed easily. His past was really hurtful which made him turn bad. He has brown hair. Yup, he acts cute around girls, haha. Uses dark elements.

Kiaru - A girl. Age 15. Very generous. She has long yellow hair. Loves tying her hair up. Loves homework and reading, so she wears glasses.. She was a normal girl, but soon she goes and becomes an elementer who uses lightning.

Drak - Okay, so every stories gotta have a bad character making problems right? So here we have it. Drak dudeee. He's obvious evil! He keeps himself hidden and wears a robe with a hood that covers his face. His age is unown. He's definetly DARK.


The Elements

Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Lighting, and some that are not really elements are Love, Magic, Dark, Light, and Ice.


You will notice the skills that they can use through the story..