Chapter 8 : Drifting Snow Storm

Rokuro kept walking, using all his energy. The snow was so high it was up to his knees.

Suddenly, he felt very weak and tired from walking, his legs could not go any farther. He fell down onto the white and soft snow. "No... I must continue walking!..." he muttered.

Then he felt really sleepy and tired. He closed his eyes slowly and fell asleep, lying in the snow.

"Rokuro! Rokuro, where are you? Answer me!" Naomi shouted as loud as she can.

They kept on walking around, looking everywhere. "Ahh-choo." Naomi sneezed. It was quite cold.

Nazu decided to be nice for once and lended his jacket to Naomi. "Here, take it." he said.

"Your not cold?" Naomi asked. He didn't answer as always and just walked away.

So, Naomi decided to just wear it for now. Looking everywhere, still no sign of Rokuro. "Where could he be?" Naomi wondered.

As she was walking in the thick snow, she bumped into something. "Ow.." she peeped.

Then, she saw a hand that looked like Rokuro's. Naomi starred at it surprisingly. "I.. I think it's Rokuro!" Naomi yelled at Nazu.

She quickly wiped the snow that was covering on top of him. "It really is him"

Naomi shouted with joy. As she looked at him, he looked like he was very tired. "Rokuro.. Rokuro.." Naomi whispered, trying to get him to wake up.

His eyes opened slowly. "You guys.. you found me.." he said weakly. "Let's take you home" Naomi suggested.

So, the picked him up and helped him walk through the tall snow. Suddenly, the snow came drifting like crazy. The snow were so fast it blinded their eyes.

"Ugh, I cant see!" Naomi said. "Man, whats going on?" Nazu said.

After seconds, the whole place was covered with clear white snow.

Snow covering the grass, the trees, and the mountains. Snow was everywhere. The whole place was white.

"But.. it's summer..." Naomi said. "How can it snow?" she asked. "It's different here I think.." Rokuro answered with his low and weak voice.

The snow was so cold, so cold, it froze their legs.

They could not move. The snow had frozen them. They felt paralyzed. "I can't move!" Naomi muttered. "Wait. Let me try this." Rokuro said.

He lit a mini fire ball with his finger and slowly, with his partly frozen arm, he put the fireball near Naomi and she felt the warmness, and started moving a bit. "Thanks." Naomi thanked.

Then Rokuro helped Nazu and he could move. Naomi looked around and saw a enormous bump on the snow.

She ran over to see what it was. She climbed up. Suddenly she felt movement. The big bump started moving. It was beginning to stand up. "Ahh! What's happening?" Naomi screamed.

Nazu and Rokuro looked over. The big bump of snow was actually a really huge sized polar bear. When it stood up, the snow on it's back started falling. Naomi was hanging on to it's snowy white fur. It glared at them for a sudden.

Then it turned around and stood still. It's wide mouth started opening. A loud howling sound came out of its mouth. "Roooooooowrrrr" The ground started shaking and snow started moving around. "What the?!" Nazu said.

After, it holded it's breathe until it's cheeks grew fatter. It blasted out powerful winds, blowing the snow up and down. Snow started spinning and going the direction the wind is. It was heading towards Nazu and Rokuro.

Naomi slipped and fell on the snowy ground. Soon, a snow storm was beginning, or has it already begun. "Let's fight it or else we will be frozen here!" Rokuro shouted, regaining back all his energy. "No. It's way too big!" Nazu replied.

"Who cares! We have to do this, or we will become bear food!" Rokuro yelled. He ran towards the bear, disregaring what will happen. "Hey! Wait! I'm coming too!" Nazu shouted to Rokuro. Naomi saw them running towards the bear.

She wanted to help too. So, she climbed on the gigantic bear and pulled on to it's fur. Rokuro thought, "If fire could melt ice, then this will be the best thing to use!" He quickly jumped onto the polar bear. It swang it's arms around and shook but Rokuro managed to get a grip of it's fur.

"I'll fight him at the front, you guys fight him at the back!" Nazu said to them. Rokuro started litting a fire, "please let this work!" He put his hands on the bear's back and started concentrating on making a fire.

The bear was moving around a lot. Nazu, who was at the front started punching it a bit. Naomi tried to hold it so it would stop moving.

"Alright, here goes!" Rokuro said. He felt the heat coming from his hands. Fire. Fire was coming out. He tried to make it bigger so the bear would burn. It grew. The fire grew and spreaded quickly.

"Run!" Rokuro shouted. Naomi jumped off, then Rokuro and Nazu ran as far away as he could. They saw the fire blazing the bear and the bear cried in horror and pain. They felt bad for it but they had to do it.

With the evilness inside of it, it would of killed them it they didn't. Soon, the fire burnt the bear and it turned to dark black ashes.

They saw a piece of the map left by the bear. "Hey look! A piece of the map!" Rokuro said and went over to pick it up.

The fire burnt the snow too and it melted into water and the water stopped the fire from spreading anymore.

The place turned to normal. Back to the way it was. The sun appeared and the clouds came with it. As Naomi, Rokuro, and Nazu were looking around, then Lin, the fairy, appeared.

"Sorry for my lateness. I had to do some work elsewhere. So, did I miss anything"

Naomi answered, "Well, you did but its going to be hard to explain."

"Say.. do you happen to know the name of this place?" Rokuro asked.

"Yes. We call this place, Farina, until, Drak came and ruled over this hidden place on earth and named it Dranima." the fairy replied.

"Isn't it dangerous here then?" Naomi asked. "Not really. Drak cant do us any harm. The only thing he wants is power and wealth." the fairy continued.

"What kinda person is he?!" Naomi said. "I'm not sure, I havn't really seen him." the fairy answered. "C'mon guys lets go already!" Rokuro said.

So, they went back to the portal and went home safely.