Chapter 1

Imagine lying in a field on a summer's day. The sky is blue with a few clouds in and there is a slight breeze. You're lying there staring at the sky, maybe with a friend. Either your friend has told you something funny or you're laughing at a happy moment that you've just remembered. The friend you are there with though if you are with a friend that is, is your best friend. Anyhow the point is at that moment in time things are so good it is incredible. It's like your flying. You can't be more happier. Then suddenly in the blink of an eye something happens that changes your life forever. It's so drastic that its painful to even think about. Every time that memory enters your head your heart skips a beat. You want to forget but everything you do and everything you see leads you to remember that memory. My point is that things can change in an instant. Life could be going extremely fantastic one minute and then your whole world could come crashing down around you. You don't know what's hit you but you feel it tear you apart inside every day of your life. It sits there eating away inside of you until you go insane. It affects you so much that it starts to affect everything you do. Well my final point is just that. This whole opening is describing my life. The life of Jessica Kanne.