What shall Cordelia speak?

Love; and be silent

We're alone, sister, seems like


Because Lost Boys find new mothers

(Who cares that someone gave them birth?)

And someone gave them love and kept them

She whispers that if you love something set it free

But if it never comes back

Then you know what it means.

Because Pan stays young and boys will be boys

She whispers to Wendy that it's Time

(To grow up and take a little responsibility for their actions)

And she's sinking because dresses are heavy

With years of being second to everything

And flowers weep for her.you.me.she like no one will

she knows they'll kill him

(before it all blows over)


( – don't be stupid

what could they have done wrong?)

and she doesn't care

To Die For Love

(suicide is such an ugly word)

quotation from King Lear. By Shakespeare.