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James Matthews sat on her bed mentally ticking of the things on her To Do list.

"Washing- check, Ironing- check, Homework- ."

She shot up quickly, "Eek my homework."

She had been too busy the previous day doing her Thursday chores that she had forgotten all about her, homework.

Thursdays were her busiest days. That was the day that she did all of the laundry and ironing for two of her brothers, her father, and herself, and this week she did her third brothers as well. Although she, along with her brothers attended a school were uniforms were mandatory, the entire family still always managed to go through three other outfits a day.

James sighed pulling her long blonde waves into a half ponytail.

"I suppose I'll just have to explain to Mr. Jakes why I didn't get it done- again," she muttered to herself while throwing everything in her simple brown backpack before following her nose to the smell of food.

Kenny, James' oldest brother, was scrambling eggs when she arrived down stairs.

"Ah food that I didn't make," James said sniffing the air. "Are you sure you can only stay for the weekend my good brother?"

"I have a huge assignment due on Monday that I have to hand in; I couldn't do it with my roommate and his girlfriend going at it in the next room."

Kenny had graduated high school two years previously and was now attending university, their father wanted him to become a lawyer, even though the entire family was quit aware he wanted to be a photographer. He was also the one who taught James how to cook, very useful considering the fact that if he hadn't they would have starved to death.

Neal and James both attended Alliance Prep, an elite and extremely expensive school on the other side of town. Neal stood out in the family because he was adopted. His biological parents had died in a car crash when he was a baby; James' parents had adopted him fifteen years ago, when he was four. Although he could have graduated a year ago he decided he wanted to attend another year to take extra classes, of course it wasn't actually his decision, they're father had ordered it.

Evan, James' youngest brother, was 14 and in his first year of high school. He was an athlete, not a scholar, and attended a very popular school for the athletically gifted. Their father however could never go a single day without getting upset about Evan's poor math skills.

James' father, Robert Matthews, was a business man. He didn't have time to spend with his family, and didn't have the ability to consider the fact that he could be wrong. He was an overachiever, and he expected his children to be obedient.

"Hello children."

"Hi dad," Kenny, Neal and James said in unison, each with an equally monotone voice.

"James," her father said. "Did the guidance counselor transfer you to home economics yet?"

Robert Matthews was a very conservative, traditional man. He wanted his sons to grow up with good, respectable jobs, and his only daughter to marry a rich man once she got out of college, where she would be studying a course like Art History.

It was a pity he couldn't see that Kenny was the artist of the family, James wasn't.

"Dad, I'm not changing into home economics."

"Oh, then you decided to take the parenting class instead."

"No, I'm not switching my classes."

"Yes you are. I am paying for this education and therefore I decide what they teach you. You are going to learn how-," her father said with his voice rising.

"No dad I'm not," James interrupted. "Why can't you see I'm not going to be a housewife? I have the potential to be so much more then that. Last year I had a 93 average on all my sciences, my English teacher said I had enormous potential if I ever wanted to go into writing, and my math teacher said I had a gift with numbers," James' voice was a bit louder then usual.

"Women don't belong in the workplace James. They belong at home, cleaning, cooking, and raising the children. You're mother never quit understood that, I think her insistence to go to work lead to her undoing," her father said calmly.

"Don't talk about my mother that way," James screamed. "You may have wanted a trophy wife but that isn't what you got, so as soon as you got bored with her you threw her away like a piece of trash."

The next thing she knew James found herself on the ground, the left side of her facing was on fire. Her father had just hit her.

Out of the corner of her eye James could see Neal and Kenny bracing themselves to fight, she could also see Evan taking out his cell phone prepared to call the police if things got out of hand. James gave a quick gesture with her head telling them not to do anything.

"Fine dad, I'll transfer my classes."

Robert gave a small smile. "See James, you're a smart girl, but you still have some things to learn." And with that he strode out of the kitchen.

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