Summary- Mizuko was a Japanese girl going to Miyarikahi Elite Academy. Her best friends were Ali and Tsuki. Her dormmate was the most popular girl in the academy, Miiru. Her normal routine was disrupted when a boy from Tokyo, Katsuya, transfered into the school. By the second day, he already had a fanclub (not as big as Miiru's though) and had already managed to irritate Mizuko to no ends. But when she discovers something about him that reminds her of an old childhood friend, what will Mizuko do when she finds herself slowly falling for him? When old friends come back into their lives and change it, will Mizuko ever find the courage to tell him her feelings?

Genre- Romance, Drama

Warnings- Hetero pairings, shounen-ai, hinted shoujo-ai, language (then again, what story doesn't?)

A/N- I got this idea when I had been re-reading my previous work, Why the Clouds Cry. Don't ask me how but this story isn't really related to that bi-shot. And yes, this story is one of the few stories I shall write that will have no fantasy-type things. Meaning no vampires, angels, demons, other worlds, reincarnation, etc., etc.. Although there might be some crossover with my other stories, this story will focus mainly on the main characters, their life, and love. Yes...I said love.

No, it's not the end of the world if that's what you're thinking. Anyway, if you wanna read fantasy things, go read my other stories. Most of them are fantasy anyway. Either that or angst.

If there's one thing my readers should know by now, I hate shoujo things. Meaning my main girl, Mizuko, will not be one of those bubbly, sensitive heroine. I totally hate those kind of stories. Which is mainly why I'm starting to read action/adventure type manga. The main character of my stories usually has my type of attitude. It helps at times when I'm basing them off people in real life.

Might be a series, might not be. Probably will, from how I wrote out the title...This will be the only author's note I'm writing here since I'm trying to limit on them.

Lost and Found: Love

Chapter One

"...and she was pulled into his arms in surprise. He whispers in her ear, "I will never let you go." and kisses her fully on the mouth. The sun sets in the background as the two forbidden lovers shared a passionate kiss, holding onto each other as if they were each other's lifeline. They could hear the sounds of the villagers in a distance and they broke the kiss, despite the fact they wanted it to last forever. They knew it couldn't and, with one last look at the village, immediately ran off, hoping to outrun the ones who oppose their relationship and maybe start a new life where one doesn't care of a love between a demon and human."

"Very good, Sakamoto-san." the teacher said, bookmarking the page. Mizuko Sakamoto sat back down in her seat. "Now that is the end of chapter twelve which is also the end of part one. Please read the beginning of part two, chapter thirteen, of 'Demon Hybrids' by Friday. That is all. You are dismissed."

Everyone packed up their things and walked out of the class. Mizuko yawned and headed to her dorm.

Mizuko (Mizu) Sakamoto was a fifteen year old girl with light brown hair and light blue eyes. Her outfit was the girl's version of Miyarikahi Elite Academy uniform which were in the colors of white, black, and red. Around her neck was a silver chain attached to a silver locket. She didn't remember who gave it to her but the picture of a 7 year old her with two other kids in the locket was the only clue she had behind the mystery.

She stretched her arms up high and set them down, noticing someone heading her way. It was a girl with blonde hair and light green eyes. She wore the same outfit as Mizuko and stopped right next to her.

"Mizu, what's up?" the blonde asked, smiling happily.

"Hey Ali." Mizuko greeted.

Alicia (Ali) Johnson was a fifteen year old American transfer who came to their school when she had found the American schools boring. She was the complete opposite of the stereotype 'dumb blonde'. She had the fourth highest grades in the entire school and was a complete fan of Japanese comics AKA manga.

"Guess what!" Ali said, excitedly.

"What?" Mizuko asked, curious.

"Miyarikahi-sempai won playing in the tennis match yesterday against Moshiro-kun from Hyoutei!" she announced. It caught the attention of Mizuko and anyone walking in the corridor near them.

"WHAT!?" they all yelled, turning to the blonde and stopping in their tracks. Ali nodded furiously, jumping up and down.

"Uh huh! Miyarikahi-sempai was playing singles. We won against them and we're advancing." Ali said happily, finally calming down.

"Why didn't we know of the tennis match?" a random guy asked.

"I think it's because Miyarikahi-sempai's fans kept distracting her but I'm not sure. Either way, they stopped announcing when the girls' tennis team is going to play." Ali answered. If everyone had been an anime character, they would have sweatdropped. It may have been unbelievable but sadly, it was true.

Miiru Miyarikahi was the top student of Miyarikahi Elite Academy. She was the great grand-daughter of the founder of the school. She was sixteen years old and had black hair that seemed dark blue and eyes the color of emerald. She was popular and, according to some rumors, bisexual though no one could prove it. It didn't stop girls from forming a fanclub, led by a sixteen year old girl named Yuriko who was on the girls' softball team and was the one of the two (the other a fifteen year old girl named Kouyuu; also on the tennis team) in the fanclub who didn't squeal or/and go crazy at the sight of the Miyarikahi girl.

"Well, I suppose I can ask her when I get to the dorm." Mizuko said, continuing to walk in the direction where the dorm building was located. Ali followed and they both were out of the building, walking across the campus and went in the dorm building.

"I still find you lucky for being able to share a dorm with Miyarikahi-sempai." Ali said with a sigh.

Mizuko shrugged. She was one of the few who wasn't after Miiru and was used to Ali talking about the top student. After all, Ali had a crush on her as well. "Well, I don't see what's the big deal about her. I mean, she's like the same as everyone else."

They went in the elevator and pressed the third button. A bell was heard and the elevator stopped, opening the metal door. Ali and Mizuko got off and turned to the left and then turned right, walking in the long corridor.

Ali sighed heavily. "You just don't see it because you, unfortunately, are as straight as a pair of parallel lines."

Mizuko raised an eyebrow at her. "That's a rather weird analogy."

Ali shrugged. "I heard it from Tsuki."

"Where is she anyway?" Mizuko looked around, trying to spot the green haired girl.

"Behind you." Ali and Mizuko yelped and turned around to see a girl a bit shorter than them. She had chin length dark green hair with crystal blue eyes. She wore multiple small gold hoop earrings on both ears and had a black choker around her neck.

"Tsuki, don't do that again." Mizuko stated. Ali tried to calm her racing heart and glared at the green haired girl.

Satsuki (Tsuki) Hayakawa was a fifteen year old girl who had moved from Japan to China. She came back to her home country when her mother remarried another man. She fit the stereotype of 'punk' (because of her earrings and the choker), even though she was one of the sweetest girl anyone ever knew.

"Sorry." Tsuki said, bowing her head.

Mizuko waved it off and the three continued on to the corridor where, coincidently, they all live in. Tsuki and Ali waved good-bye to Mizuko and went to their dorm room which they shared. Mizuko arrived at dorm number 352. She slid the card and the machine beeped and the light switched from red to green. Pushing the door handle down, she pushed the door in and walked in, closing the door after her and locking it. Noting there was another pair of shoes, she took off her shoes and entered into the dorm. Miiru was already in the dorm and was currently lying on her bed, her laptop in front of her and was currently typing away. She wasn't in her uniform but was wearing a dark blue over-large t-shirt with a pair of black sweatpants. The only way Mizuko knew that the other girl knew she was 'home' was how Miiru looked up her, nodded, and said, "Sakamoto-san." before returning her attention back at whatever she had been doing on her black laptop.

"Hey Miiru-sempai." She, Yuriko, and Kouyuu were the only one who would call her that instead of by her surname. Mizuko walked to where her bed was located on the right side of Miiru's bed. The room was divided by the center of the bedside table and the television facing them.

If anyone came into the dorm room, they can most definitely tell who's side is who's. While each bed is twin size, Miiru's bed sheets were the color of blood with black pillows and Mizuko's sheets were light blue and the pillows white.

On Miiru's side, a wooden desk was against the wall in the little rectangular space on the left side of her bed. A seven by eight window was on the left side of the desk. A full length mirror was on the right side of the wheely chair. A twelve by eleven built-in closet was on the right side of the television. It was abnormally neat and tidy for a high school student but Miiru hated disorganization.

On Mizuko's right side of the bed, against the corner, was a large steel shelf that had books, a plain vase with a single red rose, a bottle shaped as a heart with paper stars inside, and a few binders. The bottom shelf (there was exactly four levels) was empty until Mizuko tossed her white and light blue backpack on the shelf. Next to the shelf was a built-in closet, the same size as Miiru's.

"So, is it true then?" Mizuko said suddenly. Miiru looked up from her laptop and arched an eyebrow at her, telling her that she was confused. "You won against Moshiro and the girl's tennis team is advancing?"

"Yes, Sakamoto-san."

"Did you take a shower yet?"

"Hn? Oh. Yes." Miiru said, not looking up when she went back to what she had been doing on her laptop.

Mizuko went to her closet and took out a change of clothes. She went to the bathroom (which was on Miiru's side and on the wall opposite of where her closet was) and closed the door after her. She turned on the shower head and tested the water. It was warm so she began stripping out of her uniform and placed it on the rack. She hung her change of clothes on a row of hooks at the door and stepped into the shower. The water managed to loosen all her muscles from the stress of the day.

'How does Miiru-sempai get here so fast and manages to take a shower in the time span of fifteen minutes?' she wondered. 'I'm going to have to ask her about that if I remember.'

Ten minutes later, she got out of the bathroom, dressed in a white loose t-shirt and a pair of red shorts. Although it was October, Mizuko felt it was rather warm tonight and had decided to wear short-sleeved clothing instead. She hung her clothes in her closet and went to her bed, lying on her back with the back of her head resting on her hands. She looked at the wall clock above the television. It showed that the time was only 5:15. Mizuko sighed, causing Miiru to look up from the screen and cocked her head as she faced the brunette.


"Nothing. So, when's your next game?" Mizuko asked.

The black haired girl did something on her laptop and said, "Next Friday at 2:00."

Mizuko sighed. "Lucky. You get to skip sixth period."

"Mm..." was the only response Miiru had. Silence fell over them and the click-clack of the keyboard was the only sound in the dorm room.

" come we don't know when the girl's tennis team are playing?" Mizuko asked, trying to start a conversation with the older girl.

"I believe Mitsuhashi-sensei said something about my fanclub being distracting to the team, despite the fact that the opponents are distracted as well." Miiru informed. "Some of them never heard such loud cheering before."

Mizuko chuckled and shook her head. She knew that Miiru was fully aware of the fact that nearly one-third of the school was in her fanclubs, one for the boys and the other for the girls. The brunette doesn't get how she can stand it though. If that was her, she would have gone crazy from all the people stalking her or something. She wonders how Miiru would react if she knew that Ali was in the fanclub as well. Mizuko then blinked.

'How did she know of the match yesterday?' she wondered.

"Sakamoto-san." Mizuko broke out of her thoughts and stared at her dormmate.

"What is it, Miiru-sempai? And please. Call me Mizuko. I don't like formalities." It was true. She hated it. She got enough from her teachers and some of the younger students.

"Alright, Saka--Mizuko-san." Mizuko sighed at the suffix but signaled for the other girl to continue. It was no use. She knew that Miiru had been raised to be polite and old habits die hard, especially those who began when they were four years old, when memories sketched into the mind are stronger and causing kids to remember them subconsciously. Like how kids would remember words spoken by their parents when they are first learning how to speak. "Obaa-san told me that there would be a new student coming tomorrow and told me to show him around after school."

Mizuko nodded. The current principal was Miiru's grandmother, Mori Miyarikahi and she usually picked her granddaughter to show the new students around. She wondered why Miiru needed to tell her this.

"However, tomorrow, I have tennis practice so I can't. I was hoping you might be able to, Mizuko-san, in my place." she finished, cheeks faintly pink from embarrassment for having to ask someone for help.

Mizuko blinked and pointed at herself, not really believing what the black haired girl was saying. "Me?"

Miiru nodded, her faint blush disappearing. "Yes. I can't trust anyone else and I've already told obaa-san about it."

Mizuko shrugged. "Sure, I'll do it."

Miiru smiled and got off the bed to hug her. "Thank you so much, Mizuko-san!"

She grinned and laughed at the older girl's excitement. "Alright, alright, Miiru-sempai."

Miiru let go of her dormmate and closed her laptop before setting it on her desk. She went back to her bed and smiled brightly at Mizuko. "His name is Katsuya Uchida-san. He's in the same year as you and he has some of the same classes. Thank you again, Mizuko-san."

"No problem, Miiru-sempai."

"It's getting late." It was already 9:50 and Miiru climbed under the covers as Mizuko did the same for her bed. "Oh and just call me Miiru. I get more formalities than you, Mizuko-san."

Mizuko grinned, knowing how true that was. "Okay, Miiru-chan."

The sixteen year old girl laughed lightly before turning off the lights by a button on their bedside table. "Good night, Mizuko-san."

"'Night, Miiru-chan." The only sounds in the room were the calm and even breathing of both girls as they fell into slumber.