Lost and Found: Love

Chapter Two

Mizuko sat in her homeroom, shifting nervously in her seat. Ali, who sat on her right, watched her with concern. Tsuki, who sat in front of Mizuko, was doing a last minute check on her math homework. Mizuko's eyes kept dancing from the door to the clock.

"Mizu, are you alright? You seem rather..." Ali searched for a word that would describe how her friend was acting. "...jumpy."

Mizuko gave a smile at one of her best friends. "I'm fine, Ali. Just nervous."

Ali seemed confused. "About what?" She then gasped. "We don't have a test today right?! Oh no! I didn't study! I'm gonna fail!"

Mizuko laughed and tried to reassure the blond. "Ali, there isn't a test today. I'm just nervous about--"

She was interrupted by a knock in the direction of the door. Everyone's attention was to the two people standing in the doorway. Miiru and a boy were standing there. The boy's eyes darting around the room and met Mizuko's eyes. The brunette stared at the haunting red orbs that were the boy's eyes.

"Oh my god!" one of the girls in the class squealed softly.

"It's Miyarikahi-sempai!" Ali whispered excitedly.

"Why is Miiru-sempai here?" Mizuko looked at Tsuki who was staring at the black-haired girl. She never knew that Tsuki called her by her name. Mizuko mentally stored it away and to remember to ask her about that.

"Miyarikahi-san, who is that next to you?" the teacher, Tsuhamashi, asked.

Miiru handed Tsuhamashi a piece of paper. "He's the new student, Uchida Katsuya-san. Since I can't show him around the school, I've assigned Mizuko-san that job."

Everyone turned their head to stare at Mizuko who suddenly wanted the floor to swallow her up. It was unnerving, all those stares. Especially the ones of those who noticed that their sempai had called her by her first name instead of her surname; they were glaring at her furiously. Mizuko sank in her seat, wanting to disappear right about then.

Miiru bowed to the teacher and patted the boy on the head as she headed to the door. The boy glared at her before looking around the room once more. The door closed, signaling that the sixteen-year-old girl was out. Tsuhamashi stood up from her seat behind her desk.

"Alright, everyone! This boy here is the new addition to our class and school. Uchida-san, why don't you introduce yourself?"

Mizuko examined the new student. He was nearly as tall as Miiru, who was at least five foot five (which was unusually tall for a Japanese girl). His hair was dark red and was layered, reaching to his shoulders. His eyes were, surprisingly, red; Mizuko wondered if they were contacts. He wore the boys' version of the academy uniform and had an orb-shaped, crystal blue gem dangling from a thin silver chain around his neck. Mizuko knew she saw that same necklace somewhere but she couldn't remember where.

"My name is Uchida Katsuya. I am fifteen years old." He paused in his monotone. "I enjoy martial arts and kendo."

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