a/n: a random collection of thoughts(?) that started popping into my head. i'm so sorry, everyone. i tried to stop it, really i did... anyway, originally this was all one continious poem-like thing, but i decided it just worked better if i cut it into a bunch of 2 liners. oh, and there was more of this senseless dribble too. i took a lot of shit out. i think y'all should send me christmas presents for sparing you from it all.

governments deal in more death than all of us

there are no "made right here" tags on the gats we bust


hollywood religion teaches us to be murderous

money is the root of all evil yet "in god we trust"?


the eyes are hollow of people riding on the bus

once iron willed now all choking on the rust


(sigh) nobody is going to come and rescue us

idealism is just fucking plain dangerous


these too young girls looking too promiscuous

tatooing names and "love" in places promting lust


peter pan was too busy snorting his pixie dust

to halt the execution of the child in any of us


i think it's safe to say justice isn't just

and that this poem is pretty damn meaningless

but since the powers-that-be be illusionists

who've blindfolded us to our general choicelessness

i think we could all use just a little randomness...