Come on boy, you must come be seen

You just can't hide inside your little dream

I ran to the room when I heard your scream

I knelt by your body and to the gods I plead

The razorblade tells your story, the blood all around

Flowing from your body, growing cold on the ground

Your dying body becoming nothing more than another mound

This horrible sight I never wish I'd found

I don't know what I am without you

Without you, I'll never feel the way I used to

I think of what it'd be like to be again with you

I want to spend my death and afterlife with you too

I hold your hand at your dying breath

I cry and lay my head upon your chest

Goddess I wish that my life wasn't such a mess

There's way too much in life for me to guess

My tears mix with your blood, like an endless maze

I stare at the floor, trapped in this daze

Life itself works in mysterious ways

And I cry as my eyes are covered by this haze

The razorblade calls me to it like it did you as well

I cry more and more because my life is Hell

If no one were to miss me, it'd be just as well

I slide the blade down my wrist and I break this fleshy shell

Twitching in pain, the tears flow free

My vision starts to fade, and I'm glad I can't see

Now the bloods are mixing, blood from you and me

And now we'll be together, us, you, me, we

As I fall to the ground, my life fades away

I never wanted us to be this way

With my very last breath I manage to say:

"I Love you, and it's next to you I'll stay…"