Feelings for each other are unconditional from the start.

Now it slowly starts to slip.

To drip away.

It's like your favorite pair of jeans.

You've washed and worn them so much.

What was such a vibrant color is now dull and hollow.

They aren't worth wearing anymore, but you still keep them.

Your jeans, they are comfortable and you've been everywhere in them.

If you were to let them get thrown out,

A small part of you would feel gone.

You'd search and search for another pair.

They wouldn't compare.

They don't feel the same.

Too tight,

Too loose,

Too small,

Something's always missing.

There will always be a mental comparison.

Over time you get use to another pair,

But it's not the same.

That's how life is.

We are constantly changing and making comparisons.

Then again we are only human.

We can't help it.