I want you.
I want to seize you - by the arms, hold you closely.
Then shatter you - like glass, and speak of my anguish.

I have brought myself endless torment.
Condemned myself to an uneduring hell - and chained myself to a cross.
Then - pierced with spears, sliced by blades, and split wide open.

After all this, I hunger for your flesh, your lips, and your kiss.
I want to violate you, scar you - and make you mine.

For I have been at wit's end.
A place where I questioned my sanity,
and have torn my soul - from my body.

All that remained, was a fleeting image of your face.
Your smile, and it's texture - your eyes, filled with it's luster.

And so, I have proclaimed you my savior - a goddess, from the depths of heaven.
Here - to grant me everlasting joy, and tranquility.

Yet also, a foul, scornful miscreant - a devious wretch - a demon, from the deep pits of hell.
Here - to place upon me despair, until I meet my demise.

But I've longed to tell you, whether you be my binding agony - or my coveted epiphany.
You are my desire - for all wants and all needs.
My anything, and everything - and without you I am simply not me.