The long awaited noteā€¦

You guys can probably guess what I'm going to say, but I owe it to you all too at least come out and say it. Solace in Her Dreams, while being my first major dive into the world of original fiction, and a story that many people seem to have liked, is no longer a story which I can continue. Though I still have fond memories of writing it, I look back at the chapters and wince. My writing style has changed, but not only that; the main character is more or less myself. I hate that I did that now, and the inspiration I once held for this story has long since disappeared.

I can't remember where this was going, what was supposed to happen, if anyone was supposed to die or have children or anything. I just can't remember; couldn't remember the last time I updated, either. It's gone. SIHD will remain where it is. If anyone wants me to leave the completed chapters up then I won't argue, but I might end up deleting this off my account. While it brings good memories, it also brings bad.

However, if anyone out there is still interested in my writing, I'm beginning a new original work. It focuses around my name sake, Amaria Midesha, and her story. It's a long, twisting tale with a total of three full-length 'novels' and many different happenings. Of course, it's a fantasy; that's what I write. It's a story I've been reworking over and over again in my mind, and now I've finally decided to let it out. Eventually I'd like to try to get it turned into a true novel, but for now, I want to share it.

Faeriestone is the name of the new story. I can't promise scheduled updates, as I work a bit too much for that, but I'll do my best. This is one story I don't plan on leaving unfinished. Also, if you're interested in any of my fanworks, I write Jak and Daxter fanfiction over at under the same account name.

My sincerest apologies, and deepest regrets, I hope you can all forgive me.