Trapped Inside

by, Cassandra

Under the red crushed velvet cape,
she hides a deadly secret.
Elegance hides the thorn she carries
all wrapped up in pretty ribbons.

Just one touch and then you'll see
the darkest side of heaven.
Once so pure and white,
now stained with angels' bloodshed.

She plays her part to perfection.
Give her a standing ovation.
You'd never know the behind that smile
she holds the key to devastation.

Beware! She is not what she seems.
With a simple blink of her mysterious eyes
she'll have you all wrapped in her ties,
head over heels, so ready to die.

Her walk speaks of deadly accuracy.
She knows just what to do.
With no regrets or second thought
she'll do just what she's told to do.

She knows not the meaning of love
but words come oh so easy.
She can deceive the best with ease
and it's not like anyone can see.

Behind that alluring sparkle in her eye
nothing else hides, nothing but lies.
Beyond the darkness, her mind runs and hides.
She's trapped inside, just like you or I.