My heart melts: He smiled.

My eyes zoom in on his smiling face…

Nothing else matters.


He likes me? He likes me.

I can't think of anything else.

He smiled, nothing else matters.


I wish, hope, know he heart melts:

I smile.

I like him? I like him.


Oh, our world spins in a cluster of smiles,

Did I just write "our"? I guess I did.

I hope this moment never ends…


He smiled, nothing else matters.

I forget about the homework that was due yesterday,

I ignore my conscience that tells me what I should be doing…


I smile back.

I live in this moment,

I've lived for this moment.


When I can forget the time,

When life is in this moment

And he smiled.


I know nothing else matters to him…

And I smile back,

I smile back at him.