I'm addicted to music.

The only rehab is silence

So I say, screw that

And plug myself back in.

I dance along to the beat,

The beat that I can't live without.

I'm addicted to the vibrations of a human voice,

The ones who are somewhat musical,

I'm addicted to those sweet lyrics

The ones that pull you in and are in your head for the rest of the day…

I'm addicted to music,

The only rehab is silence…

So I'd much rather be an addict, thanks.

I'm addicted to music,

And if I was stranded on an island

Without my Ipod,

I would sing until I lost my voice

(And when I lost my voice, I would probably die.)

Because I'm addicted to music

I can't stand the silence,

I'm going to be an addict for my whole life…

I'm addicted to music.