The Great Attic Adventure

Ziggy's Corner: Okay this series was created in a game I've played on another site. Danny is a character created by myself, where as Angela is a creation of a friend of mine, AngelaEstrella, and their mother Morgana was created by Lady+Morgana. I hope you all like it.

Far away in a far land, there was a big house. And in that house there were two, three year old children, a boy and a girl. The boy was named Danni, he had red brown hair, that curled over his eyes. He wore a white shirt, and white pants, and two little shoes that went slip, slop as he would walk. His sister's name was Angela, a nice little girl with white hair, soft blue eyes, a white dress, and no shoes.

Both children were angels, both had lost their parents. But a kind witch named Morgana took them in, and adopted them. She gave them twin white beds, where they slept at night, giggling and telling stories. During the day, they would run and play, giggling through the house, which was so large that they got lost in it often.

There were many people in this house, many who worked for their mother. Cleaners, and nurses, cooks and teachers, people to protect the house, people to keep the yard outside clean. Not one of them were unhappy, not one of them ever frowned, and one of the reasons was because of the two children.

One day, Danni and Angela finished their breakfast, and were playing in the toy room. They giggled and ran around, playing tag, when a door caught Danni's eye. It was large, and silver, and seemed to glow with light. There was also a sign that read; "Don't stay after dark". The boy giggled and rushed to it, pulling with all his might.

"Maybe we should not go there," Angela said, her eyes big, holding her pink kittie. "We do not know what's up there."

Danni stopped and he thought. He loved his sister, and knew she loved to keep him safe. But Danni was very curious. He liked to see new things in the house, and this was very different. He giggled and shook his red brown curls. "Its okay," he said, holding his silver and white kittie, Kippers. "I am only going to take a look."

The children opened the door, holding each other's hand, as it made an scary noisy. They looked at each other. Blue eyes meeting green. Then they took each other's hand, and up the steps they walked. One foot, two. Two feet, three. Up, and up, and up.

Finally they reached the top. In front of them was a brown door so small that not even a mouse could get through it. The children frowned, and looked at each other.

"We should go," Angela said.

"Ya we can't get in der," Danni said.

They turned to leave, when the door swung open, and got larger right before their eyes. And they could smell trees, and candy, and hear the soft words of someone singing. The two little angels walked in slowly, and they giggled at what they saw.

There was a lot of trees, a forest of them. All different colors, why not even the sun was the right color. It was blue! Butterflies flew by them, but not on wings, on skies! Deer were playing baseball and bears were dancing to music played by cats!

"Dis place is funnee," Angela giggled.

"Ya it is," Danni said, dancing along to the music. He flew up, up into the purple sky, with his little white wings. He drew circles in clouds, and tickled the noses of fairies.

Angela sang with the dogs in a marching band, and played tic tac toe with elves! The two children played for an hour, and then another. Many of the wonderful and pretty creatures warned them that they should leave, but they were having so much fun, they did not listen. Before they knew what time it was, night had come, and the forest went away. The bears went into their caves, the fairies to their beds. Now they were alone, and frightened.

"I wanna go home now," Angela said with a yawn.

Before they knew it, the forest was now an attic, with many boxes, many shelves, dust and books, and spider webs. Everything was dark, and everything made them sneeze. And there was no door to go back to the play room.

"I no like this place no more!" Danni cried. No he wished he had listened to the fairies and the sign. "I cold and hungry," he sobbed.

The children cried, holding each other, and called for their mother, but she did not come. They walked passed the webs, and cries as spiders ran past them. They pushed down some books to stand on them, and squeaked as they fell as the books fell. The two children now wished that they had listened, and had obeyed.

It was then that they heard a sound, and both of them jumped. It was kind of a thump, thump, bomp. Thump, thump, bomp. Slowly they walked toward the sound, peaking around a corner, and saw ...

A strange little man, his hands old and winkled, his eyes small. He was holding onto the wall, and was falling as his shoe laces were untied. He had started to cry.

"We should help him!" Danni said, but Angela was not sure. "We are angels, right?"

"Yeah," she nodded.

"We should help, it is what angels do."

"Ya," she was not sure. She swallowed and held his hand tight, but nodded her little head. "Okay."

The two of them came up to the man, and tapped him on his shoulder. He spun around, and gasped, making them jump.

"What are you two doing here?" he asked. "And who are you?" he seemed angry, and ready to spank them. When he saw that they were going to cry, he frowned and stuck out his tongue. "No, no tears little ones. I am sorry, I just got lost, in this attic, and can't find my way out."

"Who are you?" Angela asked.

"I am David, I work for a witch named Morgana, who asked me to try and find a magic book so she could find fairies and magic animals find a home."

They looked at David and he smiled. "There were bad people who were tearing down their forest, and she wanted to give them a new one." He laughed, "I am afraid that I found the book, but I did not listen to her advice, and I read the spell while I was in here."

"You trapped here?" Danni asked.

"So long as my shoe laces are untied I can't move very well. And I can't see anything without some light, or else I could read the spell that would open the door."

Now Angela was a special little girl. She could tire shoes as quick as a fish can jump from the water. And Danni knew how to make light, but both of them were still scared. David sounded nice, but he looked mean, and they were afraid.

Then they thought about what they're mother told them. "There are many fine looking people who are nice, but that does not mean someone who looks scary is not nice either."

Without another second lost, Angela bent down, and tied David's shoes, while Danni provided light. It turned out David was a leprechaun, a magic old man, who came from the green island. He smiled as they helped them and laughed. "Bless my old soul," he hugged them.

"Now children, let's find that book." It did not take them long to find the book, and when they did, David sang the spell, unlocking the door.

Down the door they ran, giggling and singing. Down into the play room, where they ran into their mother, who seemed a little angry but also surprised when she saw David.

The kind old man told Morgana what had happened, and their mother could not but help to giggle at her children's bravery, and kindness.

"But you still stayed up there too long, and were warned not to," she said. "So no ice cream for tonight." She looked at them as they cried, and smiled, bending down. "You were both very kind and nice though. And you helped David come back home. So you can have ice cream tomorrow night."

She giggled, and tickled them. Then sent them off for dinner, a bath, and bed. After they fell asleep, she went to the attic, took the book, and went to the park behind the mansion, where she sang a song. And from then on, the children always had magical friends to play with in their park. And they never had to worry about coming home before dark. Or that there were nice people who looked different.

Okay just an experiment this, and I liked it. I hope to get a few reviews, because I have other ideas for these little angels. So review and let me know what you think!