Yeah, this one doesn't have a title. I couldn't think of one to fit and I'm not going to put a crap title on this just to be able to call it something. Inspired to my writer's block and squirrels who can cling to a thin branch in 22mph winds and still manage to jump from branch to branch.

like a squirrel
afraid of heights,
you are an author
afraid to write

"what? but this
is the best piece
I've read in forever"
You have no
and I can't imagine
why because you
have talent, but
you are your own
worst enemy

or are you?
is your worst enemy
something a little more
scary and a lot more

we all could see
the bruises, I mean,
how could we
miss them?
but you adamantly
denied everything and
skipped three of your
favorite classes just
because we were in them

and, god, when we
tried to get you help
by tricking you into
going to the nurse,
you completely flipped

three days of suspension
for fighting and a
new set of bruises later,
we let it drop -
a week too late

so, I don't think
you are your own
worst enemy because
no one 'only ran
into a door'
five times a week
and sixteen times
last month alone

So you write
You write to get
the pain out and
you write to let out
the feelings that
get you bruises in the
first place because
they aren't going
away but you could
if you cross him
even one more time

we want you to
open your wings and
fly out of the abuse
and make something
of yourself because
you are so much
more than a
mess of blue and black
and we can see
that and screw him
if he can't

because you,
decked out in your
blue and black,
are the most
courageous person
I have ever known
and I know that
you can conquer
yourself and write
and live free and
learn to accept
that not all fights
can be won and
that sometimes losing
is the only way to win