With No Legs under me, I fall into your Arms

Ever since the car crash, I haven't been able to move the bottom half of my left leg and most of my right leg. Something to do with the nerves in my legs being crushed, or something. I don't know. I was drugged with morphine when they were talking about it. I can still feel my junk and stuff though. I'm lucky.

I do know that they'll grow back in time with therapy and hardcore doses of steroids. Until then I will be spending most of my high school career in a wheelchair. Awesome.

I wasn't very popular to begin with but now…who wants to hang out with the kid in the wheelchair? Who is mean and bitter at the world? It is kind of my fault when it comes to the no-friends part because I choose to be mean and bitter at the world; but I don't want friends that would look at me with pity and those puppy dough eyes.

I'm the only one in my high school that is in a wheelchair. I'm like a lone-freak. Even the Gothic look is normal compared to me! It's just mean.

I had one true friend before the crash; he was the one driving the car.

The night of the fatal car crash we were at this party that he forced me to go to, so he wouldn't be tempted by beer and get drunk. Some of his estrogen pumped friends got a hold of me calling me the "pretty eighth grader who looks slightly emo that hung out with their friend." Their exact words.

They wanted to make me even more girly than I am. My father likes to call me his 'little girl' because of the way I look.

You know, it is their fault I'm in a wheelchair too! I hate females.

Anyway, back to the story and away from chick hating.

Brett, my cool high school friend, had a few drinks behind my back but he was all, "I'm great to drive! In fact, I could drive with my eyes closed."

I told him if he even tried, I'd kill him. He just rolled his eyes and we left the party.

We got out to the country (where I live) and before we got to my house he thought it would be neat to go to the lake that is nearby to swim or something like that. He turned down a dirt road without telling me and the first thought that came to my mind was, "Holy crap he is going to kill me!"

He stopped in front of the lake, turning off his car but leaving the high beams on.

The lake looked really pretty, all lit by the moon and headlights.

I was a confused little duck. Brett just ignored my confusion, got out of car and started walking towards the lake. I quickly followed him not wanting to be left in the car. I was starting to get the picture when he started to undress to his boxers only. If he thinks I'm going in there at night, he has another thing coming.

He started walking into the cold water until he could dive. He dove under, then came back up all wet and gross and told me to get in.

Who in god's name goes into freezing waters? People out of their minds, that's who and people named Brett.

I declined ever so politely by calling him a fish fucker.

I stayed on the bank, playing with my girl pants and looking at my nails. He continued to be a fish for a while before coming out, panting and wet. He looked hot. He grabbed his shirt, wiping his body off before sitting next to me. Soon I lay down, seeing that we weren't going anywhere any time soon. He lay next to me and rolled on to his side so he could look at me. I glanced at him before turning my head all to way to look at him back.

We stared at each other for a minute. I crossed my eyes and puffed out my cheeks. He laughed and kissed me. He pulled back blushing, and I just stared at him. He let out a breath onto my face and kissed me again and I kissed back.

So there we were, making out. I took a guess that he was confused about his sexuality and because I'm his only gay friend he would try it out on me. Oh well, I get sex.

He rolled on top of me; I could feel his hardness and stuff. It was hot but I have standards and there are not low enough for me to have sex by a lake.

We got into the car, slowly since we couldn't stop kissing and touching each other. We stopped long enough for him to turn on the car so we could get to my house to fuck like rabbits in heat. He turned the car around and started speeding down the dirt road. We were so busy, still kissing and fondling each other, that he went right across the road and into a tree.

We slammed forward, the air bags not coming out. We stayed still for a second before we started to regain our senses.

"Oh fuck," Brett whispered looking past me. I turned to look just in time for a car to come speeding into my side of the car.

Bang. And here I am. In a wheelchair with retarded, non-moving legs. Life sucks.

I was home-schooled for a while before starting school again, as a freshman in high school.

I'm alone and friendless because Brett is an asshole and can't look at me. School is just a reminder of the wonderful sex that we could've had that night, before he tried to kill me of course.

Whoa, how kinky would it be to have sex in a wheelchair? Hot.

"Mattie! Let me carry your books for you!" Some girl I don't know nor care about asked. No thank you bimbo.

I ignore her and continue down the hall to my math class.

I almost ran over a Goth kid that was walking in my rolling path. Don't fuck with an emo kid in a wheelchair, he'll run your ass over. He dodged me and said, "freak."

Great! I'm a freak! I'm now going to go kill myself by swallowing a bottle of pills! Thank you.


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