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Cody had tried to stay calm. He honestly had tried. But staring into the room, he could feel his last nerve stretching to the point of breaking, feel the synapses tingling a frantic SOS to his brain.

His dorm mates eyed him warily as they stood in the doorway of the lounge. Then they looked at each other and started backing away. Not just from the storm that vibrated in front of them, but from the overwhelming smell of lilies and roses coming from the room.

Over the past two weeks, flowers had been appearing in various places of the dorm; roses in the dining hall, irises in the lobby, carnations in the bathroom. Orchids, orchids in the bathroom. Each time a room got decorated, there was a note displayed prominently among the flowers.

To Cody, the fairest flower of them all.

His dorm mates had run out of "flower" jokes a week ago. And Geoff had not been seen once. Though insane, the man wasn't stupid.

"That does it," he snarled. "I'm hunting that idiot down and he's going to eat all these damned flowers and die trying."

He whirled around to storm out, grabbing his umbrella like a club and taking a few practice swings at a lilly, shredding it to pieces. Little bits of petal flew in the air like snow.

The others barely managed to restrain him, trying to calm him down. They herded him to his room, the room formerly held by Takeuchi as dorm president. Cody howled curses and protested the entire way, but they managed to get him down the hall. Tanemura scurried ahead and opened the door.

He then squeaked and shut it fast, leaning against it with wide, frightened eyes.

His reaction brought them all to a halt. Cody looked at him with consternation. "Tanemura?"

Tanemura jumped and said seriously, "I-maybe we should just go play video games? Blow up some bad guys until you calm down?"

Cody eyed him for a long moment. He shrugged off the hands that had been guiding him and strode to his door. "What's going on in my room?"

"N-nothing!" Tanemura squeaked, flattening himself against the door. "Really. Say! I heard they're having hot dogs tonight for dinner. We should go get some quick before they--"

Cody grabbed his shoulder and hauled the little man away, throwing his door open as Tanemura yelped to the others to stop him. The others crowded behind him, then stopped in dismay.

Sitting on his desk was a large flower arrangement. A wild profusion of color, there were daisies, fuchsia, mums and all sorts of different flowers that none of them knew the names of, all jammed haphazardly into a green, wide-mouthed vase.

As one, they all turned to Cody, fearing the explosion that would erupt from their bad-tempered leader. They were surprised to see him eyeing the vase thoughtfully, the rabid fury calming down as they watched.

"Cody...?" Hamada asked hesitantly.

Cody's mouth quirked upward in a wry smile. "Don't worry. These are from a different idiot." He went to the desk and looked around the flowers, finding a little note card. Rather than opening it, he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and pressed the quick dial.

"Seiji?...Yeah, I got them. How the hell did you get someone to deliver an arrangement as tacky as this?"

Cody put the phone on speaker so the others could hear. "Hey, do you know how hard it is to convince a florist to just cram as many random flowers as she can into a vase? I think I insulted her artistic sense. She charged me twice the going rate."

The others relaxed as they realized that it was Seiji who was the culprit. "Did he send the other flowers?" Toube asked.

"Hey, are the guys with you?" Seiji asked.

"Yeah. They've been trying to keep me out of jail for murder of an idiot." Cody looked to them with a twisted smile. "I told Seiji a while ago what Geoff was doing a while ago."

He raised his voice, glaring at his cell phone. "So I guess this is your twisted idea of a joke?"

Seiji's voice was filled with amusement. "Hmm. That must mean you haven't read the note."

Cody blinked and looked at the note card. He flipped it open and read it quickly, his eyes widening and his face going scarlet.

"Are you blushing now, Cody?"

Cody cancelled the speaker and hissed into the phone. "You jerk! Why didn't you tell me sooner that you're coming back for a visit?"

The guys exchanged grins and eye-rolls and filed back out, shutting the door on the conversation. Tanemura sighed. "I guess we'd better start getting rid of those flowers. Do you think he'd mind if we give them to our girlfriends?"