"Man, I know...My mom's being stupid," he complained. "She says I have to go to church. SHe's doing this guilt trip thing on me."

"Just say you're not feeling well, how hard is that?"

"You don't know my mom," he began to explain. "She'll just get me in more shit if I try anything smart. She'll probably call my dad up in Atlanta and then he's just 'gonna be pissed at me."

"Well, see what you can do with her. Let me know if anything turns up. My sister's finally out of the bathroom so I 'gotta go. See 'ya later, alright?"

"Yeah, bye."

"Look it's not like I'm mixing with the mafia or something! Cut me some slack mom. It's just travis. We're gonna go biking and we'll be back in a few hours. It's not like i'm saying i'm never 'gonna go to church. I jsut want to go today."

"--You just never listen to me, do you?" Questioned, his mom.

"Look, I'm not giving up on church, it's one day. Please just let me stay out with my friends today," said Kevin.

"All I'm asking you for is a few hours once a week, to respect God. And you cannot even do that." Complained Kevin's mom.

"Ok, look. YOu always tell me I should spend more time in church to respect God, so what difference does it make if i do it at home or in church? I'm still praying either way aren't i?" Kevin reasoned.

"Well--ok you have a point. But you don't pray at home Kevin, i know that. Atleast when you're in church i know you're praying." SHe said.

"Mom, i'm 16 now, you need to learn to trust me a bit more. If you don't do that you'll never trust me. DO you want that?" HE said with the highest hopes in his mind to leave.

"Alright. FIne. You can go. GO biking." His mom continued, "But you are inside the house at 8 sharp! Capeesh?"

Oh, he smiled big now. "Yeah. Awesome mom, you're the best!"

"Left?" Asked Kevin.

"Sure," Travis shrugged.

"Fuck!!!" Yelled Tavis.

There were four or five mice running towards this old coffee shop. They were the fastest things they'd ever seen.

"Granny's Old Tyme Coffee?" Questioned Kevin.

"Does anyone even go there?" Asked Travis.

"I think I see a guy inside," he noticed. "Pfft! WHo would go here?"

"You 'wanna get 'outta here Trav? I think we should just turn back. The area's kind of weird."

"Awww...is wittle Kewin scared?" Asked Travis, mimicking a motherly voice.

"No i'm not!" Kevin rebutted.

"Oh, yeah? Well, in that case I dare you to go into Granny's Cafe" Travis challenged.

"Hell no! It's creepy, and what the hell would i do in there? God knows how many years ago Granny made her coffee," Kevin said, trying to get himself out of the situation.

"Talk to people, order coffe, hell i don't know. SOmething. Anything."

"Fuck that," Kevin said.

"Bawwwwk! bak bak bak bak bak bak bawwwwwkkkk!!" Mimicked Travis.

"Fine, I'll go. You're an idiot!"

He put his bike on it's stand, and started walking. WHy did he feel so weird? Ugh! WHy the hell does Trev have a pea-sized brain for? Great, now he's stuck going into some creepy coffee shop that looks deserted and ready to crash down.

"Oh fuck..." He said, when he realized he stepped on a dead mouse. Shit! He just saw sharp teeth where it's mouth might have been. The teeth were drenched in blood and as sharp as a vampire's...

What kind of mouse has teeth like that, he wondered. Even though, he was terrified, he stared at the mouse in a questionable manner.

He definitely did not want to go inside now...