"He Said"

But he said he loved me.

Then why did I see him with her?

Behind that corner…

So no one could see them

Except for me.

His fingers stroking her cheek,

So delicately.

Her expression of pure bliss…

Made the taste of my mouth


And I had to watch…

The space between them

Close fervently.

I don't know what happened

After that…

My legs threw me into oblivion

While my scattered mind tried to make sense of

My pounding heart;

Of what just


My eyes.

I rubbed my face so violently;

Thinking somehow it would wash away

The image.

But the skin around my eyes broke,

Blood trickling down my cheeks.

I looked as if I were crying the scarlet liquid.


As I stared at my trembling hands…

I believed it true.

The same way I believed…

He loved me.