To a place where black is white

And up is down

A truce is a fight

A smile is a frown


From a place where light is black

And silence is loud

Half-full is half-empty

And ashamed means proud

Wish You Were Here.

At a place where glee is sorrow

And friends, enemies

Love is disdain

To strike is to please


About a place where clear is opaque

And discovery is loss

Heaven is Hell

Your colleague, your boss


Of a place where rising is falling

And to laugh is to cry

To sing is to moan

To live is to die

Shedding A Tear.

On a place where victory is defeat

And altruistic is selfish

Sleep is insomnia

And for freedom, people wish

Welcome home, my dear darling

For now, enjoy the fresh air

Because here, there's none at all

In my Paradise of Despair