A/N: Uhm. Well. As you can see I've taken the majority or this story down. Don't kill me but I've made it a one shot.

I'm SO sorry.

But I realized that I don't need this story anymore. I was only writing it to get past a few issues I had. I no longer have said issues so I no longer need to continue this.

Thank you ALL for your support though! Lollipops is still being updated though, and that's a much more fun story than this one ever could be so check that out if you want to!

Oh yeah and I pretty much hate hotmail. My e-mail blocked alerts from fictionpress for some horrible reason and now, I have no idea who has updated, nor do I know if I've gotten any reviews or messages so if you did send me something and I haven't replied, well, that's why. I'm soso sorry! PLEASE let me know if you've updated and you know that I read you're stories. Oh, AND that's why I hadn't updated Lollipops in forever, I figured something was wrong with fictionpress again and I didn't want to update when I thought no one would get alerts. So I'm so sorry for the horribly long wait! Thank you SO much to anyone who read and reviewed it, though!