Love Or Lust Or Something Else?

You think you found love in a smile,

You think it's there once in a while,

But then it slips through your hands,

Reveals the holes in all your plans,

You talk to her and think she's cute,

Next time, she makes you want to puke,

You make out with him, just the once,

Next time, he acts just like a dunce.

You get bored with him so easily,

Start to think he's acting sleazy,

How is this love if he bores you so?

But what is love really? I don't know.

Is it lust and care mingled in one?

Is it all about just having fun?

Or is it supporting and caring for each other?

Loyalty and faithfullness, there is no another.

Believing in marriage and having kids,

Introducing your family and caring for his,

Living each moment as it passes you by,

Or discussing the future and questioning why.

"I really love you...You are mine,"

You've said it to her so many times,

But if you dumped her within days,

Was it true love or just a phrase?

'Love' has simply lost its' value,

"I love you darling...but I love him too,"

So does it make sense to use it anymore?

Because love is treated like a chore.

You do it, say it... because you must,

But more than that, you feel the lust,

He treats you like a Queen one day,

You feel like you had fun that day,

So was it love or just attraction?

He kissed you...touched you to distraction,

Next time you meet, he acts as if

He barely knows that you exist.

So is this love? Or is this just lust?

Label it 'love' if you think you must,

But no one knows what love really is,

Is there such a thing? Does it even exist?

Look at the world and question yourself,

Love or Lust or Something Else?