Kissing Toads

By Sari la Elfa


The beautiful princess brushed a curl off her face and sharpened her feather pen again. The poem wasn't coming all right. She sighted in frustration. A small pixy sat giggling on the wooden wardrobe. The princess glared up at her. "Be quiet, Dia, (Dee-ah) or I will never get this done."

"You won't finish, Cal. What you really need is a real romantic inspiration. Thinking about your cousin's wedding won't do it, dear." She shook her head wisely, spreading around a bit of fairy powder around, but then she crooked it, as if listening. The feather stopped scratching, too.

"Did you hear something, Dia?" the princess asked a little startled.

", something fell into the castle.." she said flying to a window. A scared roar rang in the hall way, along with quick footsteps. The sound passed by their unlocked door and beyond, unto the next yard. Both girls sighted in relief

"it must be another poor knight trying to rescue me. Oh dear! I wish I could be left alone! How can a poet think with all the racket!" she despaired dramatically messing her hair. A very loud huffing was on the hall now, making the princess spring from her lounge with alarm.

"Sfrothi? (Sfro'thee) Sfrothi, are you all right?" she opened the door hopping to see her pet dragon. At the noise of the door however, a well armed knight turned with his sword at her throat, but, in the next second fell on his knees.

"I apologize, Miss, Princess, ma'am, I thought you were a new danger. I wasn't expecting the door to open." His voice boomed from within the helmet. She offered her hand and he kissed it politely.

"well, I'm really sorry, Sir. Mister Knight. But I am really not a damsel in distress." She explained tiredly. "you see, this castle's my fathers and I borrowed it for a couple of months so I could finish some artwork." She eyed the knight critically. He was still kneeling, his armor all covered in dust and sooth. He had on his right hand, a bunch of withered flowers, a very pathetic knight he looked.

"And," the princess continued glibly, "if those are your idea of red roses to a lover I find them, funny." She added in a very superior tone. A high-pitched, hysterical laugh was heard from inside the room. The knight got to his feet.

"well, miss, I would've liked very much to rescue you. But, the thing is like this. I was at a battlefield, fighting the lord Jeffrey rebellion. My servant fell into a catapult and I was going to get him; thing is, we both got launched to here. We fell on the straw roof at some balcony, that saved our lives, I think. So we went around trying to get out when we met your dragon. We got separated and I'm here, and can't find my servant."

He said in a grave tone.

"Oh" she said embarrassed to death.

He seemed to enjoy her embarrassment a minute. But after an awkward pause he cleared his throat and shook his flowers.

"No, this are medicinal herbs, to cure my servant with. Do you possibly know where he is? I though I heard him around here; the dragon was chasing him." He added.

"Oh!" the princess said again, "Just a moment!" she went inside

"Oh, Dia, for goodness sake stop laughing! Sfrothi's about to eat this man's servant! Fly!" she urged throwing the poor fairy out of the window. She returned to the knight. "I will be no end sorry if something happens to him. It was Sfrothi's dinner time." She said anxiously.

"Don't you worry. Flop is kind of clever when fleeing from animals. Wait, I do think he is calling me." The knight tugged at his helmet's clasps and yanked it off. A mop of straight hair tumbled on his face and he shook it swiftly, making the different shades of brown glimmer a bit. He had clear brown eyes and a three-day beard. His lips were very red, his nose was a little too big, yet his perfect, dark eyebrows atoned for it. He had a deep tan, as the base of his white neck testified. The princess was still registering these facts whishing that she were a damsel in distress, when the servant's voice brought her back and she shook her head indignantly.

"Maaaaaaaasteeeeer! Oh, Maaaaaaasteeeeer!" he called calmly. The knight waved her in front of him and she led the way to the court yard. Out there was a fearsome racket, and they soon saw the reason. Flop, as the knight had called him, was holding for all he was worth to the very top of a column. How he got there, adrenaline could explain it better. But the really alarming thing was the angry dragon who tugged and pulled at his leash nearly chocking himself. A fairy was fluttering near his ears and hollering at the top of her voice that the princess had said not to eat him. The princess made a clicking sound and the dragon turned his head, turning red at being caught thus. He wagged his tail guiltily. She crossed her arms.

"You know better than this." She scolded.

He dropped his head and raised his paws to help down the poor servant, after he'd been released. He gently cradled him before passing him to his master.

"Thank you. Sfrothy, I presume." Said the knight politely offering his hand. Now was time for the dragon to be mad.

"With all the respect, princess, I think I have make known my real name. I'm Smoo! The terrible relative of the great Smaug! May he rest in peace!" he roared solemnly breathing a fireball to the sky to add a dramatic touch.

"I'm sorry Sir. Smoo, I forgot." She said with a curtsy and a mocking expression.

"That doesn't look good" agreed Dia for the knight was examinating his servant. He had a gashing wound on his stomach, pale and with great drops of perspiration on his face.

"A bowl of hot water." He muttered.

The princess ran to the fountain, drew a bowl and set it in front of the dragon, then stepped away. He breathed on it very slowly.

"Thank you, Sfrothy." She whispered and ran back to the knight. He took a couple of flowers and crushed them on the water then stirred it.

"Hey, Flop, come on, drink this." He coaxed hoarsely. Flop opened his eyes a crack, his gaze dark with pain.

"" he muttered

"It´s me, Flop, Master! Your mom died when you were a kid, don't you remember?" the knight asked, concern in his voice. Flop gave a gurgling sound, like a chuckle mixed with a fluidly cough. He started again.

"Ma..mas..master..ter, was trying say..I'm..was sorry..." his breath gave out.

"What do you mean was? You are already dead?" the knight asked pausing his cleaning procedure to pass a rough hand on his forehead.

"Well, my small quantity of courage is completely kilt with this pain, I don't think I will be of much use in this state. You'd better leave me here and continue on the quest" he said, but just as he'd finished, he started coughing again, spiting out blood.

"Nonsense, Flop, and mind me now, you are going to resist, do you hear? I won't leave this castle 'till you are healed. The knight said holding his servant's shoulder fiercely. The princess watched a little startled at the anger of the knight then softly pried his fingers from the shoulder.

"Hush, Mr. Knight, sir. Let me take care of him." She began to loosen the shredded shirt to take it off, in a very professional way. Flop had a very strange necklace, made of lather, tough and wide, with small bells hanging from it. The knight expected to see an amused look on her, but instead, she rose her head in great indignation, her cheeks flushed.

"Dia, take this off, quickly." She said briskly.

The moment it sprang open, the knight's servant flushed. Though her hands were as gentle as ever, a fire kindled in her eyes and there has to be a break out soon. Soon she had him all sowed up and patched. With cool clothes on his forehead. She left him alone with Sfrothi, both lying in the sun, and beaconed the knight with her finger. He followed.

A royal hall, thickly carpeted in deep purple opened before them. He glanced admiring the fine portraits on the walls, she took two turns to the right. A beautifully carved door blocked their way, but a man appeared out of nowhere and after a small bow, started to open it

"Is dinner ready, Wensel?" she said controlling her temper.

"In ten more minutes, my lady. Is the knight here eating with us…you, I mean?" he asked.

"yes, and it will be a regular meal if you please."

"yes, my lady." He bowed once more and pushed the doors open. A long table was being set for dinner the white-dressed maids coming to and fro with silverware and pitchers. The princess passed with a smile, nodding to the curtsies. She headed to one of the windows of the west side and lifted the curtain. There was a long seat with two big pillows, a small chandelier, and a book. Without a word she lit both candles. They both sat.

"Well?" she said.

"Well is correct. Well what?" repeated the knight a little bewildered.

She rolled her eyes and sighted

"Fine. I have jumped into conclusions before, so I won't again. Why did your servant have a slave's ring?" she said with a disgusted shudder.

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