Coming to Conclusions

Heh, I guess truth's harder to see,

When it's right in front of your face,

And I guess time with each other,

Is hard to forget and hard to erase,

But memories are just memories,

And feelings shouldn't get in the way,

You should just overcome them,

Or simply throw them away.

Though it seems hard to forget,

It seems better to just lock them up inside,

So that no one will suspect,

All those nights alone how you've cried,

They don't have to know,

How you truly felt deep down,

No one has to see your true colors,

Seep into a dark place to hide underground.

Think of feelings as only lies,

For they're only real inside your head,

Truth seems hard to find,

But is the only thing alive among the dead.

Love is a complicated thing,

That everyone wants to search for,

Love is a hurtful thing,

That simply throws you to the floor,

Though it feels so real,

Sometimes it's truthfully fake,

But you don't quite see that,

Until you've been thrown down to break.

You feel so empty,

Something's missing, something's wrong,

We all have to break sometime,

Since that something inside is truly gone,

And we all have to move on,

We can't sit and think it's a dream, we'll wake up,

We can only search deeper down,

And throw our feelings into the dead man's cup.