You said you wouldn't hurt me . . .

But you did.

You said you can't be in a relationship if I can't talk to you . . .

I can talk to you; but you can't talk to me.

You said I can come to you with anything . . .

If I could then why is this so difficult?

You said that your friendship wouldn't go back to what it was . . .

Then why did you make me feel guilty about not liking her?

You asked me if I thought you still liked her . . .

And I answered truthfully by saying I wasn't sure.

You said you changed. . .

Yeah you changed; but now you're a contradicting hypocrite.

You knew the complicated situation I was coming out of.

You know how I felt and how hurt I was.

You made me fall for you,

So I did. I fell hard.

Now that I've fallen and you have me what do you do?

You push me away.

Take me or leave me. . .I told him I wouldn't be here forever.

Nothing changes for you.