Do you really need this money more than me? I'm looking down the barrel of a gun and trust me, I'm scared and I'm not going to say no. Take it. I'm just wondering if you realize what you're doing. I know the world has fucked you over more times than you can count. I know you're pissed and I am to. I know you're scared and I don't blame you. I just wish you would think about what you're doing. Think about how fucked this world is when one poor kid steals from another. Why does it have to be like that? Why can't we be on the same side? Why can't we tear down the walls that separate us and build something together? I think we can. And you can throw the money away, neither of us needs that shit where we're going. Put the gun down and take my hand. And if you want to steal, let's steal from those who have stolen from us, not from each other. If you want to be violent, take that energy out on a fight against the system that's destroying us all instead of against another lost kid. I'll be waiting for you here, when you're ready.