For the One

The Earth is dark,

But there is one.

The people walk among shadows,

But there is one.

Evil creeps out from the night,

But there is one.

Through the fire,

There is one.

Cities fall and burn,

And there is one.

The world fears that its time is gone.

Yet there is still one.

And here am I in the shadows,

Here am I waiting for one.

And here am I, overtaken by the night,

Calling out for one.

As I am trapped in the burning of the world around me,

Where o where is the one.

And all in one motion the Earth falls silent,

The one is near.

It falls to its knees,

Hoping to be gathered by one.

But she walks past the crowds,

The beauty of one moves on.

As the world falls back into despair,

I am given a flicker of warmth.

I stand out from the others,

On a pedestal of Beryl.

My heart is lifted,

For the she, the one, is now a friend.

As I look upon her,

My heart drums one less.

The breath that once filled me,

Is taken up by the grace of one.

I have come out of the shadows,

For she has picked me up,

Without knowing anything had happened.

Without knowing it,

She drove away my night.

Without knowing it,

Her tears quenched my fires.

Without knowing it,

She has answered my call.

Her beauty emanates all around,

Making even nature jealous of her being.

The most elegant butterfly dashes away,

For fear of being shown up.

Even the birds know they are no match.

For the one is as perfect as the day is measured.

But alas, the one is not mine.

She longs for the company of another.

How I long for the one in secret,

For she cannot know my heart.

Someday, if life turns out as beautiful as the one,

The being that was once in darkness,

Will claim the place as two.