The uncHanged Man
everything is frozen
toes poised just so
your nervous heartbeat
choking, as you draw
that final breath.
and then -
like lightning -
everything topples, breaks
your feet struggle
desperately for solid reason-
able ground, but
finding only air
while your neck snaps
skyward, jolting force
and memories tightening
their awful grip.
your mind screams
in anguish, silence
to the staring faces
that stand impassive,
judgment raining down.
and finally, you break -
the dusty ground beneath
you, you kiss it, choking
back sobs and vain
promises to a God
you never knew, and
only you can smell
the burning fibres
of rope unravelled
by a bullet that
could have found
an easier target.

TMK 10.25.2006