You're only perfection

I wish you were lost,

I wish you were blind!

I wish you were sick,

And hurting inside!

I wish you would hate,

I wish you had no passion!

I wish you were cold,

I wish you would cry!

I wish you would just stop breathing,

Go curl up and die!


If you were lost, I would surely find you.

If you were blind, I could open your eyes.

If you were sick, I would stay by your side.

If you hurt inside, I would bandage you with my heart.

If you were full of hate, I could teach you to love.

If you ran out of passion, I would be your inspiration.

If you started to cry, I could dry your tears.

If you went cold, I would hold your hands.

If you stopped breathing, I would kiss your lips.

And when you curl up to die, I will be your life.

But you are none of these things,

Not dead, not cold, not sick.

All you are to me darling,

Is simply perfect…