Without a Heart
Chapter Three: Leash

New Londontown, United Kingdom
2121 A.D.
Day Two


Diamond arrived in New Londontown, blinking her eyes in shock. Here, everything was lit and shining, even in the night. Signs flickered in rainbow bright colors and the skyscrapers reflected the lights ten-fold in their glass windows. Shadow City was dark and gloomy, making New Londontown look like such a wonder. She could see why most assassins took their vacation here and made a mental note to do the same, if she survived this job.

She glanced down at her wrist where a sleek watch was welded closed. In red digits, it counted down the days, hours, minutes and seconds of her life. They have given her seven days and she was already on day two. Her jaw tightened, she was being made a chained beast, tamed and trained. She hate that feeling. She was already chained to her work, she didn't want another least. But she didn't want to die either.

Night was falling, despite how the blinking lights made it seem otherwise. Normally this would not bother her, but it was a signal of the ending of another day and another day closer to her doom. With that doom looming over her, she glanced at her data pad. Her agent, Saraphim, had given the pad with information on Orion. Her particular interest was in the local club most assassins "hung" at when they weren't working. It was her first best to finding Orion. It was amateur-like but it was an angle she didn't think he'd check. Diamond wasn't an amateur assassin, she had a name for herself and knew it.

The club wasn't really a club. It was an upper town restaurant called, Le Saber. It was well maintained and elegant in an old world sort of way. Diamond had to laugh a little. The place was far too civilized for such an uncivilized group.

With a long, red wool coat hiding her usual black uniform and red ribbons, not to mention weapons, she sauntered into the establishment and up to the host who was dressed like some Victorian butler.

"Hello, miss. Reservations?"

She opened her mouth to say she didn't have one when she had a better idea. "Orion, but it's a surprise." She winked playfully.

The host smirked in a knowing way, but started to lead her to a table near the back. "This way… miss."

Diamond was a bit surprised that it worked and was glad that the butler couldn't see her smile knowingly. She couldn't believe it was that easy. Was Orion really that arrogant?

Her sat her at a nice table, hidden from most view-points and handed her a menu to look at, though judging from his expression, he didn't think she'd read it and he was right. Another quickly came and filled up her glass with water. She was only there ten global minutes when a man, clearly not Orion by the way he was moving, arrived. He was far too loose in his manner of walking and from the way he started at her appearance, not prepared for anything new.

He lowered himself slowly into the chair in front of her as the host offered him a menu and made a hasty retreat. "An' you are, luv?"

Diamond smirked with amusement. She loved this part. She reached into her coat pocket and placed a diamond heart on the table where he could see. "Who are you?"

The man looked down at the diamond and drew a breathe. Slowly, he met her gaze. "You."

Diamond smiled a genuinely kind smile. "Yes, me. But don't worry. I'm not going to kill you. Certainly you are not my dear friend, Orion."

"I'm Markby, his… agent." He was reluctant to offer. "You're quite bold, to have come here and presume that he would show up, and not kill you on the spot."

"Thank you. I take my chances." She took his remarks as a sort of compliment. "Where is your employer, Mr. Markby?"

"Are you going to kill him? Here?" He seemed rather calm for a man in his position, but she expected no less from him. He was close to Orion, the great assassin in the world. It seemed only right in his character.

Diamond took a moment to think. She hadn't really thought about that option. "No," she replied slowly. "I don't think so. I'm not as dishonorable as his is."

"Oh?" A man, probably ten years her senior, stood behind Markby. His arms were crossed and his face was smiling. Diamond had the decency to jump to her feet. "Oh, please, Luv, sit. I think we have a bit to discuss."

Diamond was rather amused by this man herself. It was the first time she'd actually met the legend that inspired some of her tendencies and the legend that had locked her into this job in the first place (and she wasn't just thinking about the next five days). He had started her on this road long ago without ever realizing it. Besides, she wanted to know his secrets, and she needed his forgiveness. She couldn't explain why, she just needed it. He had to know why she was doing it. She needed his approval, but she wasn't a cold blooded killer like him and Diamond had to make him see that.

She drew another diamond from her pocket and handed it to him. "Pleased to meet you, Orion." Her voice was steady, but her nerves were anything but calm.