Class Rings and Sheet Music


The silence of the empty hall was broken by a young woman. Her hair swished back and forth as she walked and her eyes watched the hallway as she entered it. She found the door she was looking at the end of the hall. She entered a room she had entered so many times before.

He was there waiting for her. He stood up from the piano stool as she walked into his arms. They held each other for what felt like an eternity. She breathed deeply into his shouldler and looked up to him. A little smile creeped across his face and she chuckled quietly as he rubbed his nose against hers. She softly kissed him and snuggle back against him.

"You feel good." She said softly. "You too." He said.

Her class ring glittered against the back of his shirt and the sheet music sat on the piano, untouched.

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