Dear Planet Earth

Here, I don't see their world like you,

You see a beautiful people,

I see a pitiful race,

You see a wonderful world,

I see dirt, lies and hate.


That pitiful race on a dying planet,

Doesn't even care enough to stop it,

Their young staying in the womb for almost a year,

As if scared to enter the world of sin, hate and fear,

Half the world is starving and the rest don't even care,

Never feeling the smallest remorse as they stop, and stand. And stare,

Whilst needing TV sets, computers and microwaves,

To survive a single day,

Torturing the man,

Who is black, homeless or gay,

Even their "leaders" can't negotiate problems,

Sending in mass murderers to solve them

They can't even handle their own emotions,

Eyes watering enough to create oceans,

Some wanting to give up on life,

Others too afraid to die,

And yet some of them wonder why the Gods have turned their backs,

But it is them, in their shirts, ties and big black Cadillacs,

That turned their backs in Gods,

And the human race.


Listen, you, why so arrogant?

Believing you are the most civilised,

The most evolutionised,

The most adapted,

Look around you,

Its time you and your people changed,

So start a revolution,


Can't you hear them shouting?

We really need to change!

They're going to give up on us,

There's just no time to waste!


Men, get this man a straightjacket and put him behind bars,

He's clearly crazy; he claims to hear the voice of God!


Even Gods Dream 30th October 2006