A/N- Happy Halloween, I wrote this for school, the ending was changed. It was originally deemed scary, but cliched. But I think this ending is much better. If you'd like to see the original, lemme know. Oh, the plot of this is practically the same as Mirrors, but I like this one much better. It's not bloodier than Mirrors, but in a way it is!


I've been in this room for days, facing the wall with my arms around my knees. Both my arms were throbbing from the pain inflicted by needles. Everything in my head seemed like it was in a rush. I couldn't focus without feeling this cold chill running up and down my spine—it pained me. For the weeks I've been on this bed in the hospital I'd already felt compelled to choke myself, but every time I passed out I always woke up. Voices were in my head every second while the mirror across the room glared back at me. Nothing would ever make me want to stare back into it after what had happened last time.

"Miles." A voice called out to me. I didn't look back. "They're gonna get you! They're gonna get ya'! Gonna get ya'!"

"Go away!" I cried as soon as I started to pull at my hair. It took a few yanks, but I'd managed to pull a bundle out before holding the bloody ball of hair in my hands. All of the pain made me forget about this addiction in my veins. Even if I made it out of here I don't think it would be long before I was back on the inside. Anything was better than this nightmare. I looked back at the mirror and just saw my own reflection, nothing else. Determined to keep out of it I took both of the bundles of hair before smearing it across the shiny glass. It blocked out my own image with a trail of blood, and maybe that would keep me safe for now. The blood kept pouring out of my head, so I tried to stop it. I looked away from the mirror to see my blood soaked hands. It frightened me—maybe I really was losing it.

After looking back at the mirror the blood had disappeared before I saw my reflection in what appeared to be a dungeon with blood splattered across the walls. Looking further in I saw my own self, but I was dripping blood, my wrists were slashed open, my arms had marks from where I'd once put tourniquets around them, and finally my face—I froze to see its pale stare. Was I dead? This wasn't real. I knew it wasn't. How long was my mind going to keep playing these tricks on me? Turning to the door I saw what appeared to look like a penguin, don't ask me, I don't know why, but it stared at me before dropping a bucket onto the ground.

"Roolf eht naelc em pleh uoy nac?" It spoke, but not in English; it sounded faint. There was a reverse echo to it and I had no idea what the hell it was saying.

"Go away!" I shouted with my doped out voice. The penguin slapped its fins forwards before knocking the bucket onto its side. Inside was a gallon of blood that splashed all over the floor beneath me. It went from red to black as it touched my feet, and this made me feel even more cold. I closed my eyes before falling to my knees and gagging myself back into reality. Once again the mirror was back to normal, my blood was smeared onto it while the floor beneath me stunk with bile. I was out of that dream, my veins still hurt, and my addictions were back. I cried, "Let me out!" But it was no good. They'd never let me out of this place if I wanted. After lifting my pale hands up, I could already see that there were tourniquets around my arms as a remainder of my first overdose.

I didn't take them off. Maybe I could feed my veins with that sweet nectar again, I just needed one more spoonful, just one more then I could relax. Wait, that wasn't the case. What was I talking about? My addiction got me here in the first place. I'd already pulled out two locks of my hair and smeared it on the mirror. With what I'd done I think they might give me two doses just to mellow me out. Oh, I couldn't help but sing in my head because they were going to give me my medicine in a few minutes. Like a doper I jumped up onto my bed, rubbed my freezing arms, and finally faced away from the mirror. I couldn't handle this though; every time I took a second look at the mirror those apparitions came back and made my world a living hell. Within the hour the nurses came in to see me sitting up still smiling.

"Sir, it's time for your medicine." The first nurse said, completely ignoring what I'd done to the mirror and myself. After turning to the nurse I caught another glance at the mirror before seeing what was really going on. The nurse was dressed in a black trench coat while her hands were stained with blood. The doctor stepped in behind her with his fresh pressed white robe.

"Sir, there's a tumor in your brain that's driving you insane. We've got to remove it or you'll kill yourself." The doctor told me as he stepped over to me.

"No, please don't do this to me!" I cried back, but they didn't care. I wasn't too sure what had been going on anymore, but they grabbed me anyways before dragging me over to the door. On my way out the black penguin stared me in the eyes again before waving it's little stubby wings or whatever they were.

"Eybdoog!" It said to me in plain gibberish.

"Don't do this to me!" I shouted again. I didn't care about these hallucinations anymore because I was about to die. I didn't want this. Not one second of it.

"It's all going to be over in a few minutes. The operation shouldn't take that long," the doctor said to me.

This time I replied in gibberish, "Reaf ew! Reaf ew!" I had no idea what I was saying anymore. I just wanted be back at home. I'd never go back to my addictions as long as it kept me out of here. Once I'd realized my situation a little more, the doctor dragged me over to a table that contained hundreds of bloody tools. The stink of blood reeked inside the room. Every second in the room felt like minutes because I'd become so frightened by these doctors, these monsters, Satan's apprentices. The doctor reached over onto a coat rack where he put on a raincoat and reached around for his tools.

"I cannot find the anesthesia. We can't operate on the patient," he said as he fumbled around. "Or can we? Nurse, bring me my buzz saw, there will be no anesthesia for this one."

"Yes, sir!" the nurse replied back. I shook my head and realized the situation. Was this real or just in my head? Was it another hallucination? Whichever it was I had to act fast because the doctor was about to slice into my skull. I stood before grabbing the buzz saw sitting in the middle of the doctor's bed of tools.

"Easy now, put the buzz saw down. We need to operate on you." The doctor said as he slowly walked towards me.

"I wanna go home," I muttered as tears built into my eyes.

"You can go home after this is all over, just put the buzz saw down right now!" he screamed into my face. Everything went silent as my heartbeat became audible. The doctor slowly reached for me while speaking—I couldn't hear him. In a snap everything changed. I found myself out in the hallway while staring back into the room. In the room I saw my double holding the buzz saw in his hands. The nurse was across the room watching while the doctor reached for my double cautiously.

"Just put the buzz saw down right now!" The doctor screamed as he reached for my double. I shook my head and tried to stop this madness when, suddenly, the buzz saw let out an evil scream. Staring through the window had me shaking in fear, but once my double swung the buzz saw up at the doctor I only got to see a small misty cloud of blood hit the floor before the blinds closed. I couldn't see what was happening, but all I could make out was the sound of the doctor screaming while the buzz saw continued to spin. After hearing a body slam into the ground I heard a nurse run over to the door by the window and start to bang against it.

"He's gone insane, somebody help me!" her voice cried before the motor on the buzz saw came on. I heard her scream for help, but I didn't open the door. As bad as I felt I really didn't feel too sorry for the nurse. She continued to slam and strike the door before the buzz saw motor became audible again. All at once the screaming ended and I felt good. As a small puddle of blood trickled under the door; I just dabbed my toes in it before turning to see a bathroom in the distance. Just when I stepped towards it I heard the buzz saw tearing through the door behind me. My double had successfully pierced a hole through the wood before sticking his arm through and grabbing the doorknob.

"I'm gonna get ya'! I'm gonna get ya'!" my double screamed out to me before opening the door. For a second I got a glimpse of the horror inside the room where the doctor and his nurse once stood. My double lifted up the buzz saw before grabbing the blood covered power cord. He quickly pulled the trigger and spoke again, "I've just gotta cut out the pain and then I can go home!"

"Go away!" I screamed to him. As soon as he took off running towards me I just took a turn towards the bathroom; since it just happened to be the closest safety room. Upon getting inside I slammed the door before locking it. Everything got much more quiet once I was inside. My heart raced just as if it would have when I take my medicine. I stared at the mirror in the room before blinking and seeing that everything was back to normal in a snap. I wasn't covered in blood, I couldn't hear my double, and I was pretty sure that everything was back to normal. Just to be safe, I sighed before looking outside the room by cracking the door. Nothing was there. I safely opened the door before looking back and forth through the hall. There were no corpses, no penguins, no blood, and certainly no mad scientists threatening to kill me. Was this all just a dream? It might have been, and from the looks it was. At the moment I wasn't too sure how I got into this bathroom, but I smiled, I held my chest, and then sighed before stepping back into the bathroom to close the door on everything. In the midst of trying to close it, the door jammed onto a bloody power cord running under it. The cord remained jammed under the doorway for whatever reason I'm not sure.

But as I looked down to it, the cord lead to the buzz saw my double used to hack away at the doctor and his nurse in the operating room. The bathroom lights were off, but once I turned them on and saw the inside of the bathroom I glared in horror at the collection of dead bodies in which were of the nurse and the doctor. I was drenched in human blood that mostly dried from over time of waiting. It was my doing, this was real after all. I killed them all! I didn't feel guilty for the least bit, I was defending myself. They were attacking me, right? After looking at them and the bloody floor, I turned to the mirror before seeing not my reflection, but my own self lying in a pool of blood with the power cord under me. It made me shake before suddenly everything went blurry as I feel to the floor and onto the buzz saw. After a loud roar from it and then a sharp pain, everything went black.

dnE ehT