Tis the time of All Hallow's Eve
the living and the dead commune
synchronize the webs we weave
time to ask the deities this boon.

This is the time the sun dies premature
and dark syndicates come to gather
bringing in all that they can lure
and night is soon to conjure and slather.

Tis the time of All Hallow's Eve
the harvest now come to end
time the misunderstood conceive
the shadows that twist and bend.

Light a candle for the ones long gone
ancestors, haunts, spirits come
shall you be free on earth till dawn
and step under the earth come the sun.

Tis the time of the Samhain sabbat
and now I shall celebrate
I give gifts to the deities that
will bring power and commemorate.

Morrigun, Morrigun, now is the hour
let the black veil begin to ebb
feminine might defeats masculine power
like the Widows that loom in the web.

Once more tis the time of the Witch's New Year
Come deities in which I believe
I conjure the darkness, I ask of the dead
Come on this All Hallow's Eve.

Misery meet and have an enchanted All Hallow's Eve.