Too Many, Too Much


Too young to die

Too old to cry

Too much time spent

Wondering why

Of all the people

On this Earth

Why am I the one

Who always gets hurt?

Too much to say

Too much to express

All the feelings

Get depressed

I can't deal with

All this pain

Can't cope with

These feelings

I'll go insane

Too much logic

Too many thoughts

And through it all

It can't be forgot

That I am human

With things to bear

And yet I find

I'm too tired to care

Too much time wasted

Too tired to try

And I'm sick of

Having to ask

Myself 'Why?'

Why does it matter?

Why do you care?

So what if one day

You wake to find

That I'm no longer there?

Too much left unsaid

Too much left undone

So little time left

Under the sun

No point in trying

The tears are

All damned

I'm too forlorn

Don't give me

Your hand

I won't take it

Please just leave

Me alone

Can't you see

I'm too far



L. Kantenseter