That's unique

I just cannot describe how happy it makes me

It really feels like...I've achieved something I never thought I could have

The feeling of being


Something I don't usually feel

The feeling of being able to compare myself

to people who are like me

My two handicapped, best friends

It makes me so happy even to think about them!

That feeling of being


it's something I've never felt before

When I am with them, and we're playing handicap-games together, I'm never


It's hard to put it into words, but if you compare it to how you feel when you're with your

none-handicapped pals, you would get the right idea

That's the only way I can make it clear to others

who aren't in the same situation as I

The three of us...the Cheeseburger Trio

The feeling of being


like I'm the same as makes me so


Maybe, if I'm lucky, there'll be someone of my kind that'll read this...and if it is, I hope that person agrees.

If not, then I hope I've made it clear, how it feels to be included, and not being used to it.