The Family Secret

by: starz.destiny

Chapter 1: The Story begins

"Have you heard about our latest case?" Melina Johnson asked, looking around to make sure everyone was here. "Come on Linnie, tell us!!" Josie Laurencio asked the girl standing in the middle of the group. Josie had shoulder length black hair and brown eyes and was of medium height. Melina on the other hand was half Italian with tanned skin, black hair that fell slightly below her shoulders and large brown eyes. Josie and Melina were around the same height. Jenny Spencer was taller, with dark skin and gleaming eyes and naturally high-lighted brown hair which fell to her shoulders in soft curls. Isabelle Sanchez on the other hand was on the short side with long black hair and large ruby-red eyes. Sara Wardlow was about Isabelle's height but with broader shoulders and a tougher out-look. There were only two guys standing there, Jase Kishi who was white blonde with icy-calm, piercing blue eyes and Stanley Wayne had dark spiky hair and brown eyes. Melina and Stan were cousins.

"Well, it's a murder case..." Melina continued, they, that is to say Melina, Josie, Jase, Isabelle, Stanley and Sara along with another friend worked under-cover as secret agents for a large organization called S8. "The owner of the Richton mansion, Calem Richton was found murdered on the floor of his room yesterday. Calem was the only living heir to the Richton fortune and the only grandson of the late Karlenio Richton. Twenty guards were on duty the night he died and none of them saw anything. No maids were hired and the cleaning lady had called in sick. The guards don't have a key to the house, neither does anyone else. The only copy of the keys was found lying next to Calem, covered in blood. Apparently, after careful police investigation, it was found that no other finger prints were found other than those of Calem. Also, the door was sealed from the inside with a small table and could not be opened from the outside and the small window was locked. The police believe it was a suicide case, but S8 officials think otherwise. One more thing, he was found dead this morning after the police were called by his step-sister who came to visit but could not get inside." Melina finished.

"Colorful tale!" they all turned around to see their fellow agent Cameron Li, a half Chinese half English boy standing behind them. Cameron had messy brown hair and deep amber eyes which were full of amusement. Cameron was hardly ever serious, though you could never tell with him. He would be extremely serious but seem as though he were joking and the other way around as well. Cameron was one of S8's best agents and Melina's partner. Melina was S8's number one agent and she only worked with the best of the best. Melina was the polar opposite of Cameron, a multi-talented yet slightly up-tight girl; she had sharp senses and an amazing sense of judgment. They were S8's best team and though they fought like cats and dogs, they were famous for solving some of S8's most difficult cases. But the question is, could they solve this one?