"Tonight we have succeeded in finally killing Father Christopher. He will no longer be a threat to us, and we are one step closer to our goal. Let this victory stand as an example of what happens to those who oppose us: death. With one less vampire slayer, and experienced one and a devout Christian who was a pastor, we have struck an important blow. Soon we will conquer humans and vampires will rule."

Everyone clapped as the Queen's speech ended. "Everyone" was no ordinary everyone and "the Queen" was no ordinary queen; they were both vampires. There was a mixture of ages, but even the youngest harbored a deep hatred for all humans, especially the vampire slayers and priests.

All humans were Catholics and tried to protect themselves from the "demons". Vampires didn't like being called demons since it was too general a term for them and demons served the devil. They served their own needs and wouldn't deal with Satan until their death day or the apocalypse. For now their loyalties lied with their Queen, Queen Kandra, and that meant striving to enslave all humans.

Father Christopher had been a pastor of the church in Maenurr, the village that was closest to where the Queen lived. He had been the toughest vampire slayer they had had to face in almost a century. The last one had been even more skillful than Father Christopher had been had been the one responsible for the belated King's death. Father Christopher had successfully protected almost all of the villagers from vampire attacks for a little over a year and had killed almost two dozen himself. It had caused the Deathbringer Clan, also known as the Queen's Clan, much grief. But now he was gone, all thanks to one person: an aspiring teenage girl whose name was Selena.

Selena was sixteen, going on seventeen. She had been a vampire for six years, ever since she was ten. She immediately was shunned without a second thought. It was like an unwritten law that all the humans knew and obeyed: Vampires are different and do not belong, so they are to be exiled. They are freaks. They are evil. They deserve to burn in hell. All of their accusations were true. If a vampire stayed among them, an epidemic would occur.

Vampires loathed humans since they could decide their destiny, whether to try for heaven or go to hell. Vampires were damned to pokol, the vampire equivalent to human hell. There was no paradise for them except what they made here: the bliss of blood, the terror and pain of their victims, and having power.

Fired by their hate, the vampires decided to enslave all humans so that they would have to suffer, saving just enough for fodder. They were called vampire the Conquerors, and there were five different vampire clans spread throughout Mirsonn, the kingdom ruled by King Tallord.

The Quickshadow Clan's members were the fastest vampires, so fast the only thing humans can ever see of them is their shadow, but even that was rare.

The Shape-shifter Clan's members were the most adept at shape-shifting. They could change into any form in the blink of an eye.

The Dark Magic Clan's members were best at doing dark magic and tended to rely on it quite a bit.

The Cunning Clan's members were the smartest and the most knowledgeable about the ways of humans. They were good at researching and were quick learners. They tended to be very crafty and sly.

And last, but definitely not least, was the Deathbringer Clan, more commonly known as the Queen's Clan. They were the strongest all around, especially the Invaders and Converters. They were very efficient, the best, and most feared, and were also the fiercest and loyalest.

Every member of each clan was assigned a rank. There were six ranks. The rank of Queen was held by Queen Kandra, and she ruled over all the vampires. Converters were vampires who turned humans, Invaders were vampires who killed those who apposed, Spies were vampires who spied, Thieves were vampires that stole things, and Hunters were vampires who captured humans for vampires who couldn't go find blood due to busyness, not for any of the weak. All of the weak died. They were considered not fit to stay.

Selena was a part of the Deathbringer Clan and was a Converter. It was all luck that she had managed to kill Father Christopher, but somehow she had done it. And now she was well-respected for even more reason than before, and she knew that she was destined to do something great. Something that would change the world. But for now, she just took her lessons, converted, and enjoyed.