The Bahamian Spy

Pushing open the door Alyssa was greeted with the sultry aroma of fresh Bahamian cuisine; she smiled breathing in its scent before scanning the area in hopes of a place to sit. The room was comfortably busy with the faint sound of chatter among other holidaymakers; in the back under the cool shade a few chairs remained empty. She carefully made her way round and seated herself, feeling oddly homely in this alien environment as her eyes trailed over the menu's offerings.

She hadn't long arrived in the Bahamas, she had literally spent just enough time to throw her bags on her bed, memorise what her rented apartment looked like and had headed straight out to explore. She really wasn't one to prioritise, but then again, who did when they were on vacation? A figure standing next to her caught her eye, she looked up from her menu, her eyes widening at the sight of a tall dark man staring down at her wearing a distinctive sailor uniform.

"May I join you?" He asked, giving a warm smile, which made her unconsciously nod to accept his request, with a goofy grin spread across her face. "Thank you." He said, sliding down in the seat opposite her. He took a breath, closing his eyes and moment before leaning in closer and cupping her hands in his. "I need you to come away with me."

Well, the locals are certainly forward. Alyssa thought to herself, giving quite an odd look. Not that she found herself minding too much; he was after all quite handsome with his dark unruly hair and chocolate brown eyes. Okay, so he didn't have much dress sense, but he had a cute smile. She found herself momentarily lost in a daydream of him sweeping her off her feet and taking her away to live with him on his boat in the middle of the sea. Oh, if only…she thought, giving a mental sigh.

"Erm…" she shook her head, trying to bring herself back to reality. "Sorry, what?" As much as she liked to daydream, this wasn't something from her weird and wonderful mind, this was real. "Have you mistaken me for someone else or - oh! Is this one of those shows where you get the tourists to join in?" She said, suddenly becoming very excited, she loved this kind of thing. The mysterious stranger didn't answer her, but instead glanced behind her giving an uneasy look.

"Quickly, this way!" He demanded, getting up and pulling her by the arm. Alyssa quickly reached for her bag, grabbing it while swiftly being led out towards the restaurant door. If anything, he certainly took his role seriously.

"Wait! I haven't ordered yet, can't this wait until - " Her words were cut off suddenly, her eyes widening as a stack of once neatly arranged glasses shattered before her eyes. "Oh, my God!" She gasped, looking back behind her as she ran, realising the whole place was in complete and utter havoc. The customers were screaming and running about in a desperate panic while plates and glasses spontaneously exploded before her eyes, followed by deafening bangs that seemed to be coming from out of nowhere. Still being pulled along, she covered her head with her free arm, trying to gain some sort of protection from the shards of glass that flew about. "What's happening?" she cried, gazing up to her mysterious sailor, her mouth dropping at the sight of him pulling out a large object from his trousers. "OH, MY GOD!"

"Keep down and run!" He demanded, pushing her off in front of him as he held back and fired his massive weapon (that's for you, Annie. XD) "And don't let your bag out of your sight!" Alyssa didn't argue, caught up in the panic she darted for the exit, her heart racing. Clutching her bag to her chest, a sense of relief ran through her as she reached her hand out to the door and then…she stopped. Choking back a breath, she tightened her grip around her bag and stood there still, a single tear trickled down her cheek as a sharp pain shot through her and the chaos around went black.