Earth. The only place known to have the species of the homo-sapien-sapiens, for the past 3 billion years. Until now.

Science has grown to an even more extream that people never thought could before. They had made a machine Space Veiwer 3000, is what they had called it. It allowed astronomers, and astrologists to see into the galaxy, almost like a satalite for every planet. That is when they found it. The other planet of humans.

It was a civilization with other Homo-sapien-sapiens, just like us. Just as technological as us. Only not corrupt. At least not yet.

After the UN had vanished, there was no turning back. Earth became corrupt. Evil even. Government officals seen walking the streets. Assasins, assasinating anyone who dared threaten the government. Earth is now perfect. No one disobeys the strict laws, no one goes out of order in fear the Secret assasins will get them. Earth is just Earth, There are no more countries, cities, towns,states, provinces. Earth is Earth.

People wander the streets, not knowing who these assasins are. No one ever sees them, and if you did... you wouldn't live long enough to tell anyone. These assasins are taken from their parents at birth. Every baby is tested. Brought into a room, where blood samples are taken, x rays on the body build and brain. If they show potential. They never see the mother who is left in the delivary room, as she waits to see if she will ever see her baby boy or girl again. If no potential is shown, they are given back to the mother, and live a life like everyone else. Following the rules, or die trying to change them.

I am one of those babies with potential. I am one of those people. Who kill on demand, who do as they are told, who are controlled by the government. I am an assasin. This is where my story begins.


My name is Aurora Nepton. I am 24 years old, and I have no family. No friends. And no life outside of the government. To the law obeying Earth citizens, I do not exsist. The the Law breakers, I am their worst nightmares, all about to come true.

I was sitting in my small apartment room, in the Underground Government Assasination Building (U.G.A.B). The walls were white, the room is a perfect square. Black sheets on the bed, a nightstand with a holographic clock, and a white dresser, whith my day-to-day clothes, and assasination 'uniform'.

When I first came to this small.. apartment if you will, I was 16. Thats when I was graduated from the teachings, the lessons, the brainwashing. I was then a fullfledged assasin at the age of 16. I thought I would go insane living on my own, in this tiny white, perfect room. It was after only a day if living there, i relised I would barely be in it anyways.

Before an assasin gets the privledge to go out and kill strangers, they live in a dorm with about 6 other people. Bunk-beds, two bathrooms, and a trunks at the end of each bunk for your belongings. Which only happen to be your clothes.

Those days of childhood have been long gone. If you could call that childhood. I sat oin classes, where they tought you about ever weapon imaginable, say in more classes where they tought you every law, and you had to recite them. We learned how to make bombs, self defense, offense. Everything imaginable. I did that for 16 years. Then graduated. I have now made a living of killing ruthlessly for the past 13 years.

13 years in the small, white room. I was sitting in that room when the small black stand in the middle lit to life. A life size figure of a smaller female, with short, extreamly straight hair and a plain tuxedo like outfit came from the small stand and began to speak.

"Aurora, you are needed by Ms. Temptons. She has requested for you personally. I do not suggest you keep her waiting." The hologram of the woman said in a cracky, high voice.

I nodded at the hologram, "I will be there imeadiatly." As a said this the hologram turned off, and the woman was gone.

Brianna Temptons. The head leader. The very head leader of the U.G.A.B. Barely anyone ever sees her accept for the people who she works closely with, and the man.. or woman who runs the entire of Earth, and of course me.

I have seen Brianna Temptons on more the one occasions. People claim me as her 'favorite'. That I get special provalages because she likes me. Treats me like a daughter, though I don't know what being a daughter is like. I know the real reason, and the rest just chose to ignore it.

I'm the best damn assasin in history. How do I know this? We have libraries, and records of everything that has ever happened on earth, ever person, and every record of ever person. Assasins included. I was the youngest person ever to graduate into a full assasin. My tests when I was a baby showed that I used more percentage of my brain without it causing disabilities ever in the history of Humans, and my blood type is so rare, and so fine that diaseases and poisons can't even harm me.

When she calls for me personally, I know I have a serious problem on my hands. I know this will probably be so life threatening that I may not come out alive. I know that this is so important, that the fate of everyones lives could rest on my shoulders. Does is scare me? Definatly not.

I got off my bed, which I had been sitting on, and clicked the button and my white plain door opened to show a long narrow hall with many other doors along the walls. The other dorms. Then at either end, spirals of different hallways. This was a labrynth. A maze. No maps, not anything to help you find where you are. Memorization is what you need to find your way around this place. What if one gets lost? They stay lost. No one is going to save you here. If you are a true assasin, you don't need to be saved.

I walked down the many halls, up and down stairs, took elevators, until I came to the tallest door, with 4 guards on the outside. Brianna Temptons quarters. Once I enter that room, I know my next mission will have begun. I know I am going to have to kill people, risk my life, and come back and do it all again tomorrow. I know, once I go into that room, there is no turning back.