A/N: Hello All!!!! I feel like writing something, so why not update with something new!

This is a sci-fi story I've been working on recently, and my English 101 teacher says I should do some writing everyday. So….that's what I'm doing. It seriously helps. It's crazy. But enough about me….here's the prologue.


In this day and age, humans have advanced scientifically. They have found ways

to deter gravity and we have expanded into the Milky Way solar system. Mars

and Venus is now being inhabited. Earth has becoming a solid black rock and unlivable.

Mars has become the industrial capital and Venus despite its atmospheric gases supports

nature and the modern everyday life. Vehicles move by air, the food is fresher and

cleaner, the air is more breathable, and communication has advanced in the foremost.

A new history had been created, new outlooks, new observations, new dreams, new

reality and a new adventure.