The cool air blew over her outstretched hand as she let it hang out the window. Streetlamps careened past them as the car gained speed on the freeway. At such a late hour, the interstate was nearly empty.

Her hand flattened and pointed into the wind. Dipping her palm up and down, she watched in rapt fascination as the limb lifted into the wind and came back down.

An alternative rock CD blasted out from the stereo between them, giving the mood of the car a silent and melancholy atmosphere.

Brown eyes traveled over to the driver of the vehicle. A slender young man with shaggy blonde hair and delicate blue-green eyes sat in the driver's seat of the car, one hand on the steering wheel, the other on the gearshift.

He glanced her way, flashing her a grin as he caught her eye. She looked away quickly, almost embarrassed that he'd caught her. Almost.

Her head dropped back against the seat and she closed her eyes. How many hours had it been since she'd slept? How many days had it been?

When was the last time she ate? Used the bathroom?

She could not recall.

Despite the exhaustion, hunger, and full bladder, she refused to give in to her more primal needs. She wanted to spend every last second she could with him.

If she slept, there went precious time with him. If she left for the restroom, there was a minute away. Well…eating in public was just a social phobia of hers, but still…

She'd sort of slept at his place when they'd stopped there around five that morning. Of course, not much sleeping had been done.

And later that night, she found herself wondering why she'd given in so easily and submitted.

Her eyes opened and stared upwards, out the sunroof that now only reflected dim starlight.

That was another bad thing about the city. You couldn't see the stars. She mused this to herself while seeking out a satellite in the sky.

She was still wearing his shirt. His favorite t-shirt. It smelled like him and she'd been taking small moments to inhale its scent throughout the day. She kept these acts hidden from him of course.

Her eyes began to drift closed, and she snapped them open, forcing herself to stay awake. But sleep called to her.

She would be home soon anyways. Home, to her own bed, as much snack food as she wanted, and a private bathroom.

The sky grew more and more dark, and the streetlamps seemed brighter than ever. Sitting in the passenger seat next to the boy she loved after a fun day together would always be imprinted in her mind.

She would always remember the ride home.