Ok, this story does have a little reference to the shows Pokemon and Digimon, but it is not a fanfic. You could have no idea what Digimon or Pokemon are, but still be able to enjoy the story. I decided to give it a chance here because I think the story definately overshadows it's background references. There are small things here and there but they are hardly noticable. I hope you enjoy! Oh and I do not own Pokemon nor do I own Digimon.

"Pikachu, use quick attack on Exeggutor!" said the boy in the red shirt and blue jeans. The yellow rodent shouted "Pika!" as it ran towards what looked like a tropical plant with eggs instead of coconuts. The yellow rat ran with increasing speed, with a big streak of electricity flowed behind him, slaming into the egg creature's belly. The Exeggutor fell onto his back, rolling into the bushes. Pikachu smiled as The boy ran over and picked him up.

"Whoa Pikachu, you did a good job at defeating Exeggutor!" shouted Ash as he petted and rubbed the yellow rodent's fur.

"Pika!" chirped Pikachu in a high voice.

"Wow Ash! I'm suprised you were able to defeat Exeggutor with one hit!" said Brock as he approached the battle scene.

"Yeah Ash, you really did a good job!" said Misty, putting a hand onto Ash's shoulder.

"It just goes to show that training is the key to success!" said Ash.

"Pika!" shouted Pikachu. Brock, Misty, and Ash laughed as the sun set over the horizon.


A whistle blew somewhere in the background. The sound mircophone came down from it's place above the stage. The Exeggutor stood up and took of it's giant palm tree mask, revealing a man with a burly mustache. Different crew members ran onto the stage picked the fake plants and trees while other member of the crew took apart the background. Ash and Brock jumped down from the stage while pikachu and Misty took the stairs. The four of them walked past the director and towards the back of the studio. They walked through a door into a little room with a small red couch, a television, a table with two chairs, and a small fridge positioned in the corner. Misty wiggled out of her red suspenders and let them hang down by her waist. She walked over to the fridge and pulled out three beers. She handed one to Brock, who was taking off his green vest and she took the other two with her as she went to sit in a chair at a small table by the wall. She twisted open her beer bottle and took a big swig while she leaned back in her chair. Ash walked over to the wall and turned a switch, which turned on the fan above the room. He then sat down in the seat across from Misty.

"Where's my beer?" asked Ash, in a lighter voice than the character he played. Misty took another swig before slaming the beer down on the table.

"I didn't get you one. So quit your bitching, Miko." said Misty as she raised the bottle to her lips once again.

"Kian, there's a reason why guys won't come near you...it's your mouth." said "Ash" as he took the second beer that sat on the table. "Misty" glared at him, then continued to finish off her beer. Across the room, on the couch, "Brock" was taking sips of his beer while the yellow rodent was drinking water from a silver dish that had the letters "Kodo" across it. "Brock" put his beer down on the floor and took a pack of cigarettes from his front pocket. He got up and dug into the couch, looking for the lighter he left there earlier. Once he found it, he lit a cigarette and popped it into his mouth. The lucid smell filled the room, like a snake slithering through the sand. Miko turned around and shouted at the brown hair teen.

"Hey! You know you're not supposed to smoke in here! Take that shit outside Joiku!"

"Oh please, Miko. You smoke in here all the time!"

"Yea, but the stuff I smoke doesn't smell like shit! Now take that stuff somewhere else!" Miko said covering his nose. Joiku stood up and walked out the room. He slammed the door so hard that the fan stopped moving for a second, then started up again. The noise of the slamming door made "Pikachu" stur and stopped him from drinking his water. Kian looked down out of the corner of her eye and threw her empty beer bottle into the trash can behind her. She bent over and petted the yellow rodent.

"Aww Kudo...let's get that crap off of you..." she said as she reached dwon and proceed to fumble with the rodent's lighting bolt shaped tale.

She unlatched something underneath the tail and the whole lighting bolt piece came off, as if it wasn't real. What lay underneath the thunderbolt was a yellow tail that resembled that of a dog. Kian then took off the pointy ears and the bright red circles off the yellow rodent's face. The only thing left was a weird looking yellow puppy. Kian picked up the wierd dog and nuzzled it on the nose. The dog made a loud bark that sounded like it was saying "Pika!"

"Aww..too bad we have to get a new dog soon. The director says we have too replace Kudo when he get's too old. I think we should keep him. He's been playing Pikachu for so long, he's like apart of the family. What do you think Miko?"

"I don't really care. I'm tired of having to hug that mutt. He's going to die of old age anyway. Plus this show is just stupid."

"So why did you audition for it? You knew when you read the script for Ash, that the company would squeeze it for everything it's worth. We have a tv series, dozen of toys, and even video games made after us! Why do you keep on bitching?

"Yea whatever...I think I'm going for a walk. " Miko said as he got up from his chair. he took his keys out of his pocket and walked out of the door. Kian nuzzled the dog once more.

"Where do you think he's going? Well I just hope he come back...we have to film the next scene." Kudo barked once more. Kian put the dog down and sat back in her chair. She took out her hair band and let down her auburn colored hair. "I wish I had another beer..." she said out loud, even though no one was around to here except Kudo.

Miko walked through the large doors of the studio opening and out onto the sidewalk. The sun was now setting on the backdrop of the fall sky. In the distant, Miko could see the tall buildings hovering over downtown Osaka. The trees around the studio were dancing in the wind, droping orange colored leaves throughout the area. Next to him stood Joiku, blowing smoke into the chilly air.

"Where the hell are you going? he asked, crossing his arms across his orange shirt. His tanned dark skin looked out of place against the pale bricks that made up the wall around the studio His brown cigarette sat still on his bottom lip while he talked.

"I'm going to my apartment. I'll be back."

"Yeah, well hurry up. I think the director wants to start soon. Oh and tell Tai I said hi. Plus pick me up some cigarettes while you're gone!!" Joiku yelled while Miko walked down the street. Miko was at the point of turning the corner, but he suddenly stopped. He ran back and took off his cap. He threw it towards Joiku, who caught it before it hit the floor.

"Hold that. I don't want anyone to recognize me. Plus Joiku, his name not Tai. It's Huro." Miko said with a smile. Miko turned around and made his way back down the street.

Miko continued to walk until he stopped in front of a brick wall. Miko took out one of his keys and and unlocked the metal gate that led to an apartment complex. Miko walked to front door and walked inside. A man in a formal suit at the front desk recognized him and smiled as Miko crossed the lobby.

"How was work today Miko?" asked the man.

"Tough. Today I had to defeat a "Exeggutor". The imagination of those directors..." The two laughed and smirked as Miko waited for the elevator to reach the ground floor.

"So how's you're job going?" Miko asked the man.

"Uhh...not bad. I cant complain. Guess who came down here complaining about a hole in the wall she created? Hinata! I swear that bitch always seems to break something. Doesn't she play on a some type of show like yours?"

"You mean Digimon? Yeah, she plays a character named Mimi. I guess she's a little different in real life." replied Miko. The two chuckled until the a loud bell was sounded. The evelator doors opened and Miko said his good bye to the man.

He walked inside and pushed the number seven on the elevator panel. The metallic doors closed and the elevator was propelled upward. Another bell was sounded and the doors open to a narrow hallway filled with wodden doors on both sides. A velvet carpet painted the floor of the hallway, bringing color to the bland white walls. Miko walked up to a door that read the numbers "328" in gold. He took out another set of keys from his front pocket and unlocked the door. He twisted the knob and walked pushed the door open. Inside, the room was a lot darker than the bright hallway. Dozen of clothes were positioned all over the place, including the dining room. Empty bottles and cans of different types of beer lay everywhere but in the trash can. On the couch across from the tv, sat an older teen with spikey brown hair and dark coffee eyes. His green shirt and and blue shorts were wrinkled and stained in several places. He turned his head and smirked as Miko entered closed the front door.

"Why are you home so early Huro? I thought you supposed to be at work today..." Miko asked, picking up clothes as he walked through the apartment.

"Hinata called me and told me there was no taping today. It feels good not to work today. I can just relax." Huro said putting his legs onto a small coffee table in front of him. Miko continued to pick up clothes off the floor and throw them into a closet. He then started to pace in and out of the kitchen and dining room, looking for something.

"Have you seen my pack of cigarettes? I got to run back to the studio soon."


"Ugh...I'll just buy some at the mini market on the corner.." said Miko absently, drifting from room to room.

"Well can you leave twenty dollars on the countertop?"

"Yeah, ok. I'll see you later. Bye!"

"Can I get a kiss before you go?"

The room became still and silent. Nothing could be heard but the tv. An old episode of Digimon was playing. Miko could hear Huro's familiar voice filling the room from the tv speakers. Miko turned around and looked into Huro's dark bronze eyes. Miko was still trying to understand if he heard Huro correctly. His heart begun to beat faster than usual. He could feel himself biting his lips even though he didn't remember doing so. He could feel his hands becoming sweaty from the keys he held. He was about to speak when Huro broke the silence.

"I was just kidding." said Huro with a smirk. He turn around and continued to watch the show. Miko just stood there, holding the door knob, not really moving at all.

"Yeah, funny. I'll see you later." said Miko as he closed the door to the apartment.