President Bush signed a bill to increase the number of prosecutors, computer forensic examiners and federal-state task forces assigned to child porn. It tripled to $150,000 the maximum penalty for downloading child porn and allows adults photographed when they were kids to sue those who buy, sell or distribute the photos.

Some victims are too young to describe what happened. Others are afraid; more than a third, 36, were abused by a parent, 10 to 15 by another relative and 30 by other people they know. About 10 are enticed by strangers to post photos, 5 do it unasked.

Found in the ABC newspaper by Wendy Koch

Predators entice kids with gifts and compliments to post provocative pictures of themselves online.

Some pornographers are based overseas. Most countries don't consider possessing child porn a crime, and 122 have no laws against distributing it online.

Child pornographers started using the internet in the early 1980s; there are 6.5 million pornographic pictures of children online; Forty percent originated from the U.S.

I am one of those pictures.