If I don't want to be a witness

Why do you want to change the world?

When you have your happiness

Don't say you never tried to be that girl

Or boy who'd dodge the bullets

As the lights spin all around

And the sky forms little black puddles

As it splits upon the ground

And I always seem to wake up

In the middle of the nights

When I'm finally speaking clearly

But nothing I can say sounds right

So what if silhouettes grow hazy

At least you're standard free

We'll bow our heads and salute

graveyard shift's under decree

Maybe it's for the best

All these bits of things surround me

And there's nothing to conceal

(now when I see you that's your cue

I know I owe you big time but come on that's nothing new)

Insomnia'll drive you crazy they say

But I need a day job too

Where I see you constantly

And just let my mind get blurred

When you jump out and surprise me

I'll pretend that's what I deserve

I see the landslides shifting

burning up my eyes

you tell me that we're drifting

but why the countless ties?

But if it's no phenomenon

Am I the consolation prize?

Everywhere it's syringes and nails

Maybe it's not wise

But I won't even bother flailing

Or to repair my disguise

And I won't get delusional

So I'll pretend I never tried

To make up a dozen excuses

Just to pass the time

Paint it on sides of papers

While we swallow nickels and dimes

Care to sign a waver?

To take back our minds

Because this is sacred saved

People walk on in a safe line

It's just a dept repaid

For that hazy time

Red lights bursting in their eyes

The second they're left unsupervised