scraped knees and car keys

borderline frozen dreams

it's the insignificant things that always stay with me


The city was all lit up

With multicolored flames

And we were pacing the icebergs

Waiting for changes

In the nature of odd crimes

Like understanding why

the smoke doesn't fall down

like you swore at the divide

There's these chemical cages

For the people who need

Something to stand on

'cause they're just so promising

I know it's something that we'll never keep

And I wish I could quit this

And start falling apart

But I broke my old glasses

Taking city transit

I don't think I can wait now

you don't have to wait here

hands thrown to the sky

Obsessions so unclear

It's not as bad as it sounds

Getting lost in the good times

Because a new buzz is coming

In the back of our minds

We can cut out the concrete

That's turning the dials

And get all those desks soaked

As we're smashing vials

And I'll never forget this

Hard as I know I'll try

And I'll never leave this

Field of harmful highs

There's so many ways out

But none are mine

In the olive wood barrier

Of parts of our lives

Repercussions are with me

But I know I can't cry

It just means we burn out

And waste all your time

But when it's this dark out

I feel so alive

And I wanna regret this

'cause I know that either way you won't be mine

but I really don't mind now

with no future or past

you're going away now

but at least I know the feeling didn't last

and I really promise I won't fight you

oh but look at the time now

there's nothing left to defend

see ya everybody

you know I'll miss you a ton

but I'll see you tomorrow

when this drama is done

broadcasted secrets

unpredictable oaths

this isn't a game now

but I know that I'm losing

secretly dancing

out there in the rain

that's just what we do here

and it's nothing quite as complicated as taking the blame

but I just can't leave yet

there's still a few hours

before the plane leaves the earth

we could buy some more vices

to throw into the sea

change our whole image

'cause what the fuck is there to pay to see

I'm an unbeliever

In the power of gold

That falls into earth's cracks

And the folds of your robes

and is there a reason

not quite a choice

Why are you denying

You're hearing someone else's voice

Are these your papers

That we have to sign

In an agreement

To change with the times

I guess I should stop now

I'm just making a scene

And go back to saying

Things I hope you know I'll never ever mean

We're all seeing someone else standing here

But they tell us we're doing the right thing

We're all seeing someone else standing here

Is this wrong or is it just me?